Hell Pizza promotes 'Pizza Roulette' deal in new TVC via Barnes Catmur & Friends, Auckland

Screen shot 2012-05-01 at 2.12.27 PM.jpgAs part of its campaign to promote Hell Pizza Roulette Barnes, Catmur & Friends Auckland produced this TVC to encourage self harm amongst pizza lovers.

At no extra cost you can have one drop of HELL FIRE on a random slice of any pizza. It's as strong as pepper spray. Look out, Granny.



Nice said:

Great product promo idea. A winner for me...

Evil said:

I love this idea so much when i first heard it.
The tv works just as well.
Nice. I mean - nasty!

laugh out loud said:

fucking love it

b said:

The best part about it is the line. The other best parts of it are all the other parts.

Benno said:

Evil and delicious idea. Great ad, great client, great product.

Love it.

Hungry. said:

Good for hungry drunk dudes.

Masochist said:

And the Mascochist Version - a drop of HELL FIRE on all pieces except for one. They used to do this unwittingly (or maybe not) on their vegan pizza's by dumping obscene amounts of jalapeno's on it.

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