Indie band Stonefield launches groundbreaking interactive video clip via BMF's Nev Fordyce

stonefield-420x0.jpgAustralian indie band Stonefield has launched a groundbreaking interactive music clip created by BMF's interaction lead Nev Fordyce.

Fordyce teamed up with Sydney-based production company Mini Sumo to create the revolutionary new music clip for Psych-rock prodigies Stonefield's latest single 'Bad Reality'

Fordyce worked with Mini Sumo's filmmakers David Barker and Marianne Khoo, and Steve Hanzic to create the clip for the "all-sister" band, who were discovered through Triple J's unearthed music program.


The film, which takes inspiration from provocative works such as Todd Solondz's Palindromes, sees the four Findlay sisters all playing the one central character in a perpetually looping bad reality.

Taking a unique approach to music releases, Fordyce and team launched a traditional and interactive clip for the single release.

The traditional clip launched a week before the interactive clip to create excitement across music blogs and social networks. The first film acted as a precursor to the interactive clip, creating a sort of puzzle by playing out the story in reverse.

The interactive clip utilises new web technologies, and wide-ranging device support, to add another layer of story to the overall idea and allow viewers to play around with the action.

Says director, David Barker: "A lot of interactive clips online are gimmick based, which is all well and good, we like playing around with those, and this clip has an element of that. However, we wanted to concentrate more on narrative - and see how we could incorporate the band, while making the whole experience more engaging."

Says Fordyce: "The concept behind the interactive clip is to drive more interaction with the band. Stonefield has a devoted fan base, they love the girls, they love the songs. We wanted them to get closer to them, spend a little more time with the girls. Film has traditionally been a one-way medium, whereas in digital the viewer can be involved. We wanted to explore how the convergence of technology and music could increase the experience."

The project reunited Barker and Khoo with Fordyce, the trio previously worked together on comedy web-series, The Future Machine that received the Outstanding Achievement in Direction award at LA Webseries Festival.


Captain Shiraz said:

Nice work.

Leah said:

Hurrah Stonefield!

We're super stoked for you girls, love the clip, and pretty psyched that you're ambassadors for us this year!

Leah (and the team at Rock The Schools)

Anonobomb said:

Sweet as, Nev and team.

Ellie said:

Nev is magnificent. And the nicest guy on the block.

Brad said:

Good work Neville!

Alex said:

Nice one Nev and team, really well put together

Dan said:

Good one Nev; the man is no slouch on the guitar himself.

Nice work Steve-o Hanzic as well.

Roadie said:

I wonder if Stonefilled were pirma donnas on the shoot they were at a recent gig I worked on, where they arrived late, then took up most of the soundcheck time alloted for all the artists performing, then still wanted more time to change things before the show. And they weren't the headline act either...

Mike Check said:

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