Leggo's launches One Pan pasta range with new commercial via BWM Melbourne and Cyclops

Screen shot 2012-05-08 at 11.41.28 AM.jpgBWM Melbourne has put to air a new spot for Leggo's to launch a new One Pan pasta range. 

Directed by Paul Cutter via Cyclops Films, the commercial celebrates the ease and fun of cooking the new frozen pasta dish, demonstrating how the frozen pasta, sauce and vegetable ingredients combine in the one pan to be enjoyed by even the most fastidious home cook. All of the food elements were captured in camera.

Cutter shot the commercial on the Phantom Flex high speed digital camera with the falling pasta shot at 1000 fps.  Post production was made easy working with the team at Method Melbourne including producer Bronwyn Ketles and editor Michael "Houli" Houlahan.


Jack said:

that's 15 seconds of my life i won't get back. Why PR this rubbish?

Jacky Tobacky said:

And you probably wasted more valuable seconds thinking up, writing and uploading that really un-hilarious and hackneyed comment.

So you can't really blame a blog for your own ineptitude Percy Poo.

WTF? said:

Either the rest of the ad fell off in the editing or this is the longest pack shot I've seen.

What the... said:

I reckon as a basic rule of thumb, you should at least attempt to have a idea if you are then going to PR/flog the work in a forum like Campaign Brief.

Seems to be becoming an increasingly rare thing.

This the sort of ad people bagged big boring agencies for making 20 years ago.

Why is it here?

I guess you could call it food porn, but even then it's not exactly top shelf.

is the food as blend and boring? said:

If this ad has captured the "flavor" of the product then Id rather eat cardboard with tomato sauce

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