MassiveMusic CD Diederik van Middelkoop to give MADC address Thurs May 10 @ The Local

Campaign Brief 9.pngMarketers invest so much time creating a visual identity for their brand they often overlook the vital role music can play in creating a memorable identity.

Diederik van Middelkoop, the head of production and creative director for MassiveMusic will be presenting a talk to MADC members May 10 touching on how and why the successful utilisation of music should be seen as a seminal creative tool. 

Originally launched in Amsterdam, over the last 10 years MassiveMusic has also established offices in New York and Los Angeles, proving that he is not alone in appreciating its importance.
Entitled "Music is Not Subjective", van Middelkoop's seminar will draw on his knowledge and experience as both a singer-songwriter and marketer, alongside studies in sociology and organizational management.

The issues many agencies and clients face when selecting music for their commercials, have a lot to do with the perceived subjectivity of music, and musical taste.

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Music is hard to talk about, opinions on music may vary widely, musical trends change all the time, and a clients perception is often hard to gauge.

"BALLS !" says van Middelkoop.

In this session, van Middelkoop will try to convince the audience that this perceived subjectivity should only be a minor obstacle at best.

With great examples from all over the world, interaction, fun stories, and insights into his daily practice, he wants to involve the audience in discovering how music not only works, but objectively works, for commercials, and communication purposes in general. 

Says van Middelkoop: "I always say, 'Music is a gateway to the soul; it touches us where very few things can touch us', I cannot stress the importance of good music in marketing enough."
Diederik van Middelkoop will be speaking for MADC members and friends on May 10 at The Local, 184 Carlisle St, St Kilda East at 7.30pm. 
$15 for Members, and $25 for guests, includes drinks and food on entry.

For more information or enquiries email MADC

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