Metro Trains kicks off the new AFL season with advertising campaign via McCann Melbourne

Campaign Brief 54.pngMelbourne's train operator Metro has kicked off the AFL season with a new campaign encouraging footy crowds to take the train instead of driving to the game this year.

Created by McCann Melbourne and produced with the support of the AFL and the clubs, the new campaign depicts mascots from the Melbourne football teams in real-life scenarios, made possible by their choice to take the train, rather than trying to drive up Punt Road or find a park in Docklands.

Says Chloe Alsop, marketing manager Metro Trains: "Every seasoned football fan knows the pain involved in driving to a footy match in Melbourne. At Metro we're constantly improving the train service in Melbourne, not just for weekday commuters but also for all major public events, especially the footy. We're very proud that we could partner with the AFL and the footy clubs to bring this campaign to life."

Campaign Brief 53.pngCampaign Brief 52.pngCampaign Brief 51.pngJohn Mescall, McCann ECD added: "This is an exciting campaign in a couple of ways. Firstly, we Melbournians turn up to the footy in mind-bogglingly huge numbers, and it's nice to be able to acknowledge the fact that (despite the odd grumble) Metro does a bloody good job of getting us there and home again. And secondly, it was fascinating to find out just who's underneath all those mascot costumes. I always wondered where old game show hosts ended up."

Executive Creative Director: John Mescall
Creative Director: Annie Price
Art Directors: Scott Hall & Matt Hine
Writer: Nathan Burley
Group Account Director: Adrian Mills
Account Director: Alec Hussain
Photographer: Stuart Crossett

Metro Marketing Manager: Chloe Alsop
Metro Marketing Coordinator: Philippa Jamieson


Excited said:

Wow very insightful.

Mr Logic said:

What a fan-tastic campaign! (Did you see what I did there?)

Not So Smart said:

"Take your time."

Does this mean get there the slow way on the train?

Platten said:

ECD comment fail.

Mr Logic (he's a pain in the arse) said:

As weak as Jacqui Watts' piss.

Alice said:

I love it. It's great.
Customer focused.

Tiger said:

Not a fan

One eyed said:

Take an open brief, two reasonable clients, add some money to shoot and then bake for 24 hours. Your ad should be PR worthy and get rave reviews online.

Unless you work in the Kitchen at McCann.

Beyonce Knowles said:

That's great and all, but the fans want to get to the game on time.... so....

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