Mission Australia tight-lipped over ACT anti-gambling campaign via Cabana Boys

Screen shot 2012-05-14 at 1.52.12 PM.jpgMission Australia, via Sydney shop Cabana Boys, has launched a new anti-gambling campaign with the line 'Gambling. If you have to lie, we need to talk'.

The campaign, which promotes Mission Australia's specialist counseling and financial advice for gamblers and their loved ones in the ACT, also ties in with Responsible Gambling Awareness Week, which is on from 14 to 20 May.


ted said:

Don't mind the headline, but what does it have to do with someone's mouth stitched up? Because he's lied, because he can't talk? confusing.

Gai Waterhouse said:

Bet it won't win a gong!

Good Eye for Good Agency said:

What has sewing got to do with gambling?

ps Having a bear ramming him in the mouth with the line, 'If you'd rather have a bear **** you in the mouth than come clean on your gambling, we need to talk' would've been more 'shocking.'

Rich said:

Great line. Image is somewhat confusing though. It looks like a ciggy packet health warning.

confused said:

Poor art direction.
What's sewn lips got to do with it?

ANDY said:

Good insight
Unfortunately creative doesn't do it justice

Jimmy said:

The strategy, insight and line are great.

But the visual, as arresting and interesting as it is, doesn't work.

A visual of a person appearing sincere, who from the line we can figure out is lying, chatting to a family member or partner would have worked better.

No. said:

i think award school students could have cracked this one better.

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