Pfizer Ultravac 7in1 'Sick bed' campaign via rural and healthcare shop H&T to target cattle farmers

Screen shot 2012-05-01 at 1.44.55 PM.jpgSpecialist Rural and Healthcare agency H&T has developed an integrated TV, print and digital campaign for Ultravac 7in1, Pfizer Animal Health's cattle vaccine that launches this week.
The 'Sick bed' campaign warns cattle handlers of the human health risk posed by the cattle disease Leptospirosis, which is currently on the rise in rural Australia.

"Contracting Lepto can be a serious issue for farmers, farm workers and their families," said Tony Northam, managing director at H&T. "When you have a business to run, being bed ridden for months with flu-like symptoms can be devastating, not to mention the effects on herd health and productivity this disease can have. This campaign reminds cattle farmers that Ultravac 7in1 can protect much more than cattle."
'Sick bed' will be targeting beef cattle producers in all major cattle growing areas of Australia..
Art Director: Kevin Tierney
Copywriter: Ben Webster
TV producer: Sue Seldon
Director: Phil Rich
Production Company: 2 Feet Films
Account Service:  Kirilly Middleton/Jessica Bayfield,
Client:  Kirsty Thomson - Pfizer Animal Health


Stiffy said:

Is it just me or does anybody else see something rather alarming at just the moment the camera first pans back over the bed?

Cool said:

Delightfully simple idea.
2:38. I think you need to be in a sick bed.

hal said:

ummmmm did they look at the 'panning over bed' scene? it looks like a...

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