rediATM targets office foyers and lifts in new flash animation campaign via JMK Sydney

Screen shot 2012-05-07 at 5.30.43 PM.jpgScreen shot 2012-05-07 at 5.29.35 PM.jpgJMK Sydney has created a new advertising campaign to announce the addition of BP service station ATMs as part of the rediATM network. The campaign is running in major CBD building foyers and lifts using flash animation.  
Phill Deer, Senior Marketing Manager at Cuscal, comments: "rediATM is one of Australia's largest ATM networks. It provides convenient access to funds, at no direct charge, to 8 million cardholders who are customers of over 100 financial institutions including NAB, BOQ and most of Australia's Credit Unions. Adding BP service stations to the network (via our BOQ partnership) will add significant convenience to cardholders. JMK's campaign cleverly builds on last year's brand awareness campaign, and uses the BP logos to communicate that rediATMs are in more and more places."


ANDY said:

If u say so Phil just looks like a mess to me.

Dribble said:

You can't be serious

Craig said:

oh dear.

Dear Oh Deer said:

Utter shite.

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