The Hallway launches 'Unspoken Promises' campaign for TAL Direct brand InsuranceLine

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Hot on the heels on their recent appointment, The Hallway unveils their first work for TAL Direct brand, InsuranceLine. The 'Unspoken Promises' campaign also marks the launch of InsuranceLine's new brand positioning.
Says Simon Lee, creative partner, The Hallway: "Unspoken Promises bucks the category trend of selling insurance through fear; instead portraying the purchase of life, funeral, or income protection insurance as an act of love. We've taken the "down and dirty" out of retail, ensuring even the most response-orientated executions are underpinned by the most fundamental of human emotions."


Liz Walden, general manager marketing, TAL Direct, echoes Lee's sentiments; "It's been a busy start for The Hallway. In seven weeks they've produced three brand and three direct response TV commercials across three of our key products. Most importantly, they have developed a creative solution that gives InsuranceLine a distinctive positioning in the  life insurance category, whilst retaining the all-important retail focus."
Supported by direct mail, print and  digital, the TV commercials were directed by award winning feature film director Gregor Jordan of Finch and feature music by emerging Australian Artist, Holly Throsby. The campaign launches this week. 


jen said:

Having just spent 2 days on the couch with the flu I was nearly going mad watching all those incredibly awful ads about income protection, funeral cover etc.

These are insightful and they're beautifully shot, with a killer track.

What more could you want?

I reckon they'll work their arse off.

Well done.

cg said:

well done guys, nice work from a great agency

Name said:

These are very nice, and while the strategy is out there flapping in the wind, what else can you say about life insurance?

Well done Gregor - very tough to make these so likeable.

Ventura Spleen said:

Beautiful and very touching. Great work from Gregor and the Hallway.

Creamy cheese said:

The funeral spot is my least favourite, the other two work really well. Good narrative too.

Cynic Al said:

Tough category. Easy to churn out same old "testimonial" stuff that clients expect. These are much better than that. Love the track and beautiful direction from Gregor Jordan.

Wil Oscar said:

Good work in a notoriously tedious category.

Lidster fan said:

Great work Dave.

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