The NRL pay tribute to their 'League of Mums' in new Mother's Day spot via MJW, Sydney

Screen shot 2012-05-07 at 11.15.28 AM.jpgSome of the biggest names in the NRL hit TV screens in a different light this weekend as part of a special Mother's Day commercial via MJW, Sydney- the first in the NRL's advertising history.  

This 'ode to mums' pays tribute to the huge contribution that mothers make to the game of Rugby League and the role they play in developing some of Australia's sporting greats.

The spot is designed to break down stereotypes and misconceptions. It shows a very different side to the men we see normally on the field.

Players such as Briath Anasta, Jared Warea Hargraves, Nathan Hindmarsh and legends Trent Barrett and Nigel Vagana recite a poem to their mums that is warm, heartfelt, funny and touching.

Agency: MJW, Sydney
Creative Director: Marrianne Little
Copywriter: Marrianne Little
Art Director: David Miley
Account Director: Lucy Cunningham
Producer: Alex Mooney
Director: Simon Macrae
Production Company: Orangewhip Films


Guuy said:

Nice. Simple, well written. Good work!

Hmmm said:


Rouseabout said:

How wonderful to see creative genius at work on the NRL blokes
Where are the Manly boys? who is the Parramatta supporter ?

Thefuturegeorgerose'smum said:

I love it! Sweet, heartfelt, moving. Made me see the guys in a different, more positive light. Beautifully shot too. Nice one.

Bizarro World said:

NRL+ positive portrayal of women? Sure, why not.

Zorba said:

Fantastic work!
This is the best ad the NRL have ever made

Madman said:

Great work!

Sean said:

Go Marianne! You've kicked a field goal there. Keep up the great work.

Tracey said:

Great ad! Changing the face of the NRL and the communities perception of Mum's & women. Brilliant!

This ad is a game changer because it finally shows the human side to footy players. I think its written well and is simple enough to cut through. Happy Mother's Day everyone.

Mum generally not fond of footy said:

A non-advertising friend of mine just forwarded this ad to me. I'm so surprised - I would never have thought the NRL would have made an ad like this. I love it! Makes me think the NRL isn't just a bunch of boof heads. Beautifully written too.

Joanna said:

Nice one Marrianne and crew. Has inspired me to keep driving Mum's sports shuttle around each weekend - those early mornings and late nights may be appreciated after all!

Sebb said:

Good to see NRL advertising aimed outside the traditional audience. Hopefully it appeals - though I suspect it will take more than 1 ad to change people's perceptions, it's a start at least.

Good said:

For a country that is obsessed with sport, Australia has a fairly poor record of good sport work.

This one stands out.

Reminds me of this classic from W+K for the Winter Olympics

And this one they did for this Olympics

anon said:

What a waste of a great concept for NRL. Yes simple but too simple. The suit/creative team should have done a little more work in finding some players with some interesting stories to portray, making it more heart felt, it's actually boring. What lengths did some Mum's go too? I am sure there would have been some great stories. Looks like Hollywood is up to his old tricks again with so many comments above mentioning "well written" no doubt they are all MJW staff. I should know I worked there.

Happy Mum's Day said:

I like this ad for its simplicity. Cuts to the chase and most importantly, stops me dead in my tracks everytime it comes on.

Re Anon Said said:

Re: Anon Said,

You make way too many assumptions anon, looks like sour grapes to me.

Best Wishes

a Non industry Person

Bears supporter said:

Great work ,congratulations.

KM said:

In lesser hands the strategy could easily have led to a knock-on and turnover; instead the script and execution translate to a short ball and runaway try.

Hats off.

HMMMMM said:

Agree Anon Said... for such a piece of pap there is an incredible amount of breathless praise

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