Tooheys New supports mateship with new spots via BMF directed by Aaron Stoller @ Revolver

Campaign Brief 93.pngTooheys New has launched its new campaign 'Supporting Mateship' to the market with the release of two 30" TV spots.

Created by BMF Sydney and directed by Aaron Stoller @ Revolver, the campaign is based on the truth that guys bond over doing stuff together and sharing experiences.

Campaign Brief 92.png
Lion brand director, Jon Bradshaw, said the new campaign was developed to deliver on the Tooheys New brand positioning of connecting their consumers to friends, family and community.  

Says Bradshaw: "Tooheys New at its core is all about connecting people. We recognize that in a world of Facebook, Twitter and other social media that people also need to reconnect with the stuff that really matters. And doing that over a Tooheys New is about as good as it gets. These ads show just how those bonds of mateship are created and then cemented over an icy cold New."

Says Justin Ruben, creative director at BMF: "The beauty of this campaign lies in the insight behind it, that strong bonds with mates are formed as aresult of sharing an experience, doing stuff, or even going through an awkward situation together."
Delivered as instructional guides from Tooheys New, the campaign executions demonstrate how, after being thrown together, sharing experiences, and overcoming some awkward and somewhat undesirable situations, even the most unlikely of relationships can be taken to the next level - that of mateship. 

Supported with outdoor and messaging on bottles and cans ofTooheys New, the guides give you tips on how to turn anyone, from your father-in-law to your boss, into a mate. And let's face it there's nothing better than having a cold Tooheys New with a new mate. 

Creative Agency: BMF, Sydney                                           
Director: Aaron Stoller @Revolver
Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
Producer: Pip Smart
DoP: Simon Duggan
Editor: Bernard Garry @ The Editors
Post Production: The Editors
Sound: Nylon

Client: Lion
Jon Bradshaw: Brands Director
Andy Disley: Marketing Manager
Anoushka Szlagowska: Brand Manager
Sarah Sarkozy: Assistant Brand Manager


Josh said:

Very Nice!!!

TR said:

I wonder what their strategy is?

Shaun Reed said:

So we have fat man genitals in your face, and your elderly mum having sex. Classy.

Strategy? said:

Why do they need a strategy?

It's not chess. It's beer.

Try again Percy Poo.

Jack Sparrow said:

I can't fault the strategy which is out there for all to see.

KB Cold Gold said:

It would be nice to see a brand stick to a creative strategy for at least one campaign. But then again, if an account changes agency you're never going to get that. It would be a ballsy agency to continue an idea made by the previous agency.

I really liked the 'beer economy'. This is fun, but not breaking any category conventions. You could stick any domestic brand in these ads really.

Ted Dibiase said:

Instructional guides for beer ads have been done more times than Jordan fellas. Lacks the insight of the beer economy and the strategy is a lot more heavy handed. Old mans nuts in the face made me chuckle though.

Huh? said:

From the last campaign to this. What happened... So bland. Even the VO and lack of music bored the shit out of me.

Huh? said:

From the last campaign to this. What happened... So bland. Even the VO and lack of music bored the shit out of me.

Over thought jokes said:

That's terrible. What is with Australia and understated humor? Are we afraid of punchlines? You have 30 seconds to make us laugh and 6 months to write the joke.

Is planning dead at BMF? said:

Don't see how Toohey's can own the idea of drinking a beer and sociability.
That's why pubs were invented hundreds of years ago.

Jeez, how lazy can planning get? Hey, Lion Nathan, I'll bung you a few different strategies for $200 bucks and a case of Squires.

Dont give that man a New. said:

Agree. This has taken the brand back 10 years. Mind you, the Tooheys Ads were much funnier then.

Matt said:

S&S should feel rightly aggrieved that this was the long-awaited result after the account was taken from them. Lazy work.

head scratching said:

why change the Beer Economy campaign? Way, way better.

Perhaps they were written as 45s said:

Very flat. Both spots feel like they're building to something and then...nothing.

Bogan Hero said:

Very lazy.
Very average.
Very cheap.
Please tell me the great Hahn Super Dry work done by Lion doesn't come out of the same agency and marketing team?
Work like this highlights why the mainstream beer brands are on the nose and being dropped like a bad smell.

Question for Josh said:

Josh, first post, is that sarcasm?
Or do you genuinely like the spot? If so, can you explain why as I just can't see it.

Saddened said:

This is rubbish.
Why move away from a genuinely behaviour changing campaign that motivated people to use beer instead of cash and even went as far to imbue Tooheys NEW the brand with a little bit more value than the other mainstream beer brands.
Mateship! Feck me.
The executions are strained. Not funny. Not true and could be for any beer.
Lion - you should be ashamed at accelerating the decline of one of the last great big beers.
I'm off for a Carton Draught.

expat said:

funny, and well put together.

good job getting Simon Duggan.

nice tone, manner and resolve. very watchable.

expat said:

funny, and well put together.

good job getting Simon Duggan.

nice tone, manner and resolve. very watchable.

A reasonable man said:

It was never going to be easy following Beer Economy. But these are not as bad as portrayed by these comments. The structure is nice and the spots are amusing. The strategy is nothing to get excited about, but solid. The great Aussie drinker will buy into it, no worries. Don't listen to the doubters BMF. This is solid work. Not gold but solid.

ted Dibiase said:

Reasonable man

I agree, this is solid. But, in this 'conservative as fuck' client reality that we now find ourselves in, beers are one of the few accounts that allow us to really do some great work. These just don't stack up against the world class beer work done by Aussie agencies, including tongue by the same agency.

These ads shouldn't have been presented let alone made if they are just solid, and the comments above seem to indicate they are barely that. It's harsh but that's the reality.

Someone who works on Lion said:

The new Lion cultire is about working collaboratively. This means that the strategy is so over workshopped & put through committees that all their strategies end up generic. The planners put good stuff up but the average wins in the end.

Brett wright said:

Hello guys
Firstly can I say both my partner and myself love to drink tooheys new beer .. The reason for this email is that the other day when packing a 30 pack into the back of my classic car with the afternoon sun on it ,we both said what a good add that would make (FB wagon .... Dark blue and perl white .. October street machine 2011 ... Called daddy cool )
Thought you may be interested
Brett wright

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