RACQ takes a surprise approach to demonstrate mutuality in new campaign via SapientNitro

sapient1.jpgIs it possible to sneak up on someone in a helicopter? That's the question SapientNitro, Brisbane put to director Andrew Lancaster of Photoplay when creating the new 'mutuality' campaign for RACQ.

The campaign demonstrates what it means to be part of a mutual - a club owned by its members, not shareholders.

sapient 2.jpgIn 60 second and 45 second TVCS, real RACQ members are interviewed under the guise of talking about a recent roadside rescue. The twist comes midway through when they receive a surprise thankyou from someone else who has benefitted from their membership - in one case a young couple rescued by CareFlight.

Says RACQ executive manager marketing John Devaney: "It was important to be 100% authentic. The shoot was planned like an elaborate surprise party where everyone was in on it except for our RACQ member. So the reaction you see is the real deal. We had up to seven cameras rolling at any time to make sure we didn't miss that moment."

Adds SapientNitro, Brisbane ECD Nancy Hartley: "We were really impressed by Andrew's work on 'Speed Kills' and knew we needed someone who could evoke and capture real human emotion. The aim is to acknowledge the extra services and benefits that flow on from each individual RACQ Membership - and what it means to be part of Queensland's largest club."

Stephen Forth, managing director of SapientNitro said: "This is the first major work for RACQ by the agency and now provides a strong platform for future campaigns for the RACQ Group."

Research has confirmed that the positioning "Queensland's largest Club" is very important to RACQ Members and Queenslanders in general and will be used across all future group activity.

Executive Creative Director: Nancy Hartley

Associate Creative Director: Ralph Barnett

Account Director: Natalie Hocking

Agency Producer: Zaylee Saydam

Director:  Andrew Lancaster
Producer: Angie Fielder

Production Company: Photoplay

Post Production: Cutting Edge

Editor: Kerry Farrell

Music: Sonar Music


The Fox said:

Decent idea, appalling execution.

Justin said:

Feels genuine to me, works a treat. A lot of 'real people' campaigns in the last 12 months, quite the fashion at the mo.

Fiona said:

These ads are among the most annoying ones ever produced. Let's be honest - people don't join RACQ to help others.

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