Bonds zip it in new campaign via Banjo

Campaign Brief 250.pngBanjo have created an online video, tv commercial, poster and point of sale campaign for the new zip-fronted Bonds Wondersuit.

To launch the new suit, now available with a zip instead of buttons, the agency asked cult-band Devo to re-record their classic track "Whip It" with the lyric "Zip It".

The re-recording was handled by the original band members using the old master tapes. The babies featured in the commercial were all stars of the Bonds Baby Search contest.



Love it. said:

Whip it. Zip it. Love it.

Mr Grumpy said:

Pitch perfect execution. Great rework of the track. Fun. Right on brand.


Applause from the cheap seats said:

Pure class. Maybe someone here will prove me wrong, but I reckon it is impossible to not like this ad.

doopy said:

this is a fucking television commercial if ever I've seen one

A Blast from the Past said:

Great, appropriate use of the track. I can only imagine the jubilation when not only was consent given to use the track, but Devo were prepared to re-record, rather than the agency having to do some inevitably second-rate local version. Curious what the cost would have been. Well done Georgia after taking the leap from working at sexy agencies, and Leah for always delivering the goods.

Just Sayin' said:

Nice ad. But zips are pulled up way too hard and fast throughout. Dumb fucks will copy this and rip baby's skin.

Imported said:

My word, you Aussie creatives are fucking dumb.

Anonymous said:

love the ad, music & gorgeous bubs. Proud grandma of one of the cute bubbies.

There is a rainbow after all... said:

Thank fuck.

That's going to put an end to all those awkward conversations I have with other creatives saying 'why don't we use that 'whip it' song but change 'whip' to 'flip' or 'sip'.


BTW Imported – I think you'll find they're both from overseas.

Dummy said:


You are undoubtedly right. I am a dumb fuck. I’m too dumb to know what the fuck you’re even talking about.

Pemulwuy said:

Dear Lynchy - Please reveal the identity of 'imported' so we can lynch/deport the c*nt.

Alex said:

Now, this is an ad. No integrated style rubbish with three hundred layers of crap that no one ever saw designed to win awards. This will sell truckloads of zippy things for Bonds. As a parent to a little' un I love it. Zip it. Good!

Overheard at the supermarket said:

Checkout chick: "What's wrong with your baby?"

Mother: "I zipped it half by accident."

Literacy is clearly a problem for 12:18 said:

Wow, 12:18, you should do stand-up.

New dad said:

It may not win any awards, but this is gonna sell a shitloads of jump suits.

ted dibiase said:

Right so now that everyone who works at banjo has commented and reading those comments this is genius. Oh hang on, this is barely better than average. An 'idea' based around a song and some babies.

General Boy said:

Way to shit on my new-wave salad-days. Christ the band must have been skint to do this.

Bill Cosby said:

Ok, the kid second from the right in the group shot at the end does a super-comedy head tilt - hilarious

Massive DEVO fan said:

Sad, sad day for DEVO fans.

Wonderful Ad said:

IS this advertisement going to be a commerical on tv???

This ad is great!!!

The boy in the white with blue stripes is a character...

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