Warren Brown thrown in jail

Campaign Brief 124.pngThe infamous Warren "Wazza" Brown is being thrown in jail for a night to help raise funds for disadvantaged youth across Australia.

He'd really appreciate it if you bailed him out before he's asked to have a communal shower or pick up the soap.

All funds raised go to Whitelion, a non-profit organisation that helps disadvantaged young Australians make positive choices in their life.

The Whitelion Bailout is their biggest fundraising event of the year, and your support helps keep at-risk youth, and Warren for that matter, out of jail.


Ned said:

Nah, leave him in there.

jury said:

yep, leave him in there

todd said:

A good cause. make a donation!

b said:

Yeah. Good cause. Make a donation... once he's out.

Chopper said:

See you in there Wazza...

Doddsy said:

I'm sure it isn't his first time. Or his last.

But I'll chip in.

L said:

Great cause! well done mister Brown.

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