We Are Social generates national pride for NRL with 'Our House' Facebook activation via MJW

NRL - National Rugby League.jpgRugby League fans are painting their region or their country in team colours during a "battle for team domination" in a social media activation by We Are Social for the NRL, working with above-the-line agency MJW.

The interactive game app for Facebook, called This is Our House, reaches NRL fans via a button on the NRL's official Facebook homepage, uniting the NRL's 443,000 Facebook fans in the unique viral game developed by the agency. It supports the current above the line campaign, This is Our House, by MJW.

Battling to win a VIP experience at the 2012 Telstra Premiership Grand Final, fans of the NRL simply like the Facebook game page to play, select their town or country and nominate their team. The team with the most tags in each region will dominate that region and it will display their team colours. Then players in the team that controls the most territories in the end will go into the draw to win the major prize. The more a player engages with the game, the more entries they will get into the prize draw.
Players can rally their friends to play, igniting a viral battle of the teams that will spread the energy and passion of fans across the league, potentially reaching up to one million people over the course of the campaign.

Says Julian Ward, We Are Social's managing director: "The beauty of this campaign is the ambitious scale of the game made simple in its application, really extending the national This Is Our House ATL campaign.

"The territorial battle can be played down at micro regional level, or at a global scale, battling for countries - which really brings to life the fierce rivalry and allows teams to show their colours and stamp ownership on what is their house in a fun and competitive way."

-         Conceptual development: David Fairfull, We are Social
-         Strategist: Dan Goodswen, We are Social
-         App design / technology developer: Greg Brine, We are Social
-         Graphic design: Pablo Pereira, We are Social
-         Account Director, Lucy Cunningham, MJW


Why Bother???!! said:

What a waste of time!! Meaningless interaction with no real idea behind it. Obviously just done for the sake of it like a whole lot of Social Media campaigns. The SM agency can use ignorance as their excuse for this crap but the ATL crowd have been on the case for years

no idea. said:

these people obviously have zero idea about Rugby League.

What relevance does a world map have to a team from Manly? pointless... and the lack of interaction shows that the people think so as well.

Tommy said:

Campaign should be renamed "This Is Shithouse"

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