Westpac Private Bank offers 'The Art of Money' in bespoke print series via Colenso BBDO

Theartofmoney_01TheZero-web.jpgColenso BBDO, Auckland worked with an art based letterpress printer to design a series of bespoke prints for the private meeting rooms and reception areas of Westpac Private Bank.

These limited edition posters were placed where thousands of existing and potential clients wait and ponder their next investment opportunity.
When read, the posters illustrate what a staggering difference an astute and timely piece of investment advice can have on your personal wealth and how, by looking at things differently, Westpac's Private Bankers can change your fortunes.

Theartofmoney_01TheComma-web.jpgTheartofmoney_01TheFullStop-web.jpgAgency: Colenso BBDO   
Creative Chairman: Nick Worthington   
Deputy Creative Director: Mick Stalker   
Art Director: Lachlan Palmer-Hubbard   
Copywriter: Graeme Clarke   
Group Account Director: Paul Wilson   
Account Director: Rebecca Richardson   
Account Manager: Lucy Sparks   
Planner: Andy McLeish   
Agency Producer: Sheriden Derby   
Printer: Grant Longley   
Designer: Kate Slavin


Oh So Elegant said:

Here's a piece of financial advice: get out of creative agencies!

Stu said:

Lovely stuff.

Great writing and even better execution.

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