Y&R NZ creates new print work for Ajax wipes

Campaign Brief 130.pngY&R New Zealand has created two new ads for Ajax Wipes.


Executive Creative Director: Josh Moore
Creative Director: Scott Henderson
Creative: Tony Haigh
Creative: Lisa Dupre
Designer: Tim O'Neill
Account Manager: Steph Patton
Photographer: Danny Eastwood
Retoucher: Cream Studios
Client Team Director: Kate Symes
Client Team Director: Lisa Li
Planner: Jason Wells


Aussie said:

Nice work Lisa!

Jay the Pole said:

An incredible still life. Nicely done guys.

The Circle of Life said:

Funny how things that a couple of years ago would be the height of fashion now look distinctly old-fashioned.

On a more logical note, even though the ads uses hyperbole it makes no sense for the hand to be taking the wipe out of the box after the clean has been done. Surely it should be scrunched and used?

Impressed said:

This is good.

ted dibiase said:

Still kicking goals on the big stuff Josh.

Logic is that way. said:

Yo Circle! Can you be any more literal? Wrong place to be looking for logic mate, this is the creative side of town. Perhaps the cup floating on its own and the liquid getting cleanly sliced in half is rattling your logical brain as well?

Good ad guys, well done.

Trent said:

nice one lisa!

Annd Onymouse said:

I like this.

Reg said:

I really like it. Hope it's not a rip off as "joe's" link suggests.

Bevo said:

Onya Lisa D....

Ian said:

It was nice the first time.

What is original said:

Wow. This is a direct copy of the P&G ad from 2009. The Monkeys are coping an absolute flogging on another thread. Why doesn't this piece of work have a poll too?

What is the problem, What is original? said:

What have you ever done that's original?

That shitty camera thing? That was HOPELESS.

Everything I have seen you present is just a mish-mash of crap you've seen on youtube. I watch you scour cyber space for something "good enough" to put in one of your "brilliant ideas".

Maybe instead of smearing other people's ideas you should stop drinking so much.

You claim to be the master of ideas yet you haven't had an original idea in your life.

And don't start with that "The client fucked it up" nonsense. The client paid for it you dumbshit. You fucked it up when you mistakenly acquired the hubris to think yourself above everyone else.

If you don't like the Monkeys why don't you take them court?

Shame on you Percy-Poo

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