Team Hot Wheels to attempt 2nd world record on Saturday as award-winning campaign continues via Aussie agency Mistress, Los Angeles

loop.pngThis Saturday, June 30, live at the X Games, drivers from Team Hot Wheels will attempt to break their second World Record in a year - this time for racing two vehicles through a six-story double vertical loop, a life-sized version of a real Hot Wheels toy.

Australians will be able to see the stunt as part of a special ESPN package of the X Games telecast.
hot.jpgTwo drivers will enter a 60-foot tall loop and hit seven times normal gravity as they drive through the loop.

The activation is just one part of a global marketing campaign led by Aussie expats Damien Eley and Scott Harris, creative directors and founding partners of Mistress in LA.

The campaign will also consist of an episodic wheels.jpgstoryline released throughout the year via TV, digital and social media.

Says Eley and Harris: "The 'Double Loop Dare' features in the storyline of the episodes and at this moment in time it becomes real - live as part of the X Games programme."



Nick said:


Envious of Sydney said:

Great. If only my client would buy into this sort of thinking!

Anonymous said:

This is either really stupid or really awesome... I think the latter. AWESOME!

Not envious of sydney said:

If only my agency would think of this sort of thing

Pseudoephedrine said:

What sickeningly self-serving comments from the agency. C'mon... do you think we're idiots? Grow up.

Tom G said:

"make the toy bigger". It's not really an idea is it? Cudos to the production company though.

Freeky said:

Just the same things over, and over and over again. Saatchis in Sydney just did it *again* for Big W toy sale.

Name said:

Excellent production. But the idea isn't really there. Who did the production?

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