'Australia's Best Stout' 4 Pines heads into space with 'Space Beer' campaign via JayGrey, Sydney

Screen shot 2012-06-15 at 3.20.15 PM.jpgDo you come here often.jpg4 Pines Brewing Company based in Manly NSW, has just picked up the gong for 'Best Stout' at the recent Australian International Beer Awards. The timing could not be better as the brewery in conjunction with JayGrey recently launched their 'Space Beer' campaign promoting the stout.


With space tourism predicted to take off, the handcrafted ads depict astronauts in intergalactic social scenarios supporting the beer's premise of being designed and tested for consumption in zero gravity.

Says Jaron Mitchell, 4 Pines owner and managing director: "A lot of beer advertising is the same. We decided to do something different to showcase the innovation of being the world's first beer designed for and sent into space. The work that JayGrey has come up with is fantastic - it really showcases the craft behind what we do and working with the team over a few beers is always good."
Are you a model.jpgShe's Gorgeous.jpgAdds Jay Furby, JayGrey's creative director: "We love working with the guys at 4 Pines. They have true faith in the creative process and they're always enthusiastic to see what we come up with. "

The roll out of the Space Beer campaign comes a year after JayGrey and 4Pines' success at last year's Cannes Lions.

Client:  4 Pines Brewing
Agency: JayGrey

Creative director - Jay Furby
Writer - Jay Furby
Art Director - Jay Furby
Animation - Kapow
Account Service - Adrian Lugg
Client - Jaron Mitchell

Creative director - Jay Furby
Writer - Jay Furby
Art Director - Jay Furby
Typographer - Dave Heytman
Illustration - Frank Thiruchelvam & Tim Waters
Account Service - Adrian Lugg
Client - Jaron Mitchell

Creative director - Jay Furby
Writer - Jay Furby
Talent - Jay Furby
Sound - Simon Lister (Nylon studios)
Producer - Sandi Gracin
Account Service - Adrian Lugg
Client - Jaron Mitchell


Anyone Who Knows said:

All the credit should go to Frank and Tim and Kapow.

Andy F said:

Nice one Jay. The TV's funny and very you.

Frank said:

This was a nice project to work on. Great concept and direction. Really stand out when you compare it to other beer ads. Great work Jay and the team at JayGrey.


Confucious say said:

Anyone who knows..knows Tim is the four pines illustrator/designer and Frank illustrated the ideas with him. Kapow did an excellent job bringing the script to life with Mark Gravas and his team. There is nothing to hide here or be weird about. But then and again this is advertising so let the trolls arise from their caves. Funny. Peace out. :)

agree said:

yes very you Jay

Just confirming said:

Did Jay Furby have something to do with this?

Loike said:

Looks like you are damned if you do and damned if you don't . Well I think it's refreshing to see somethin different. Sorry for being positive on the blog.

Ifopo said:

Well said 'Confucious'. Credit due where it's deserved and the mentioned have been. But to try discredit Jay is a bit... Truth be known. I was there, I saw, I witnessed. Well done to Jay and the team.

?? said:

Wow... this is different indeed... Shite but different. This is straight off the back of that Boubon shite last week. Meaningless crap with lame gags

Guido said:

I struggle to see the relevance.

It reminds me a bit of when that marketer posted on this blog with 'the world's first jeep on a pole'.


AWK said:

@Confucious (sp?) and Ifopo

The Chinese philosopher spelled his name without the second 'o', but as you say, "this is advertising", so . . .

Funny indeed how it took "trolls aris(ing) from their caves" to point out the significant rolls played by Mark Gravas and his team at Kapow and the designers/illustrators Tim and Frank who created the characters, rolls hardly mentioned in the lengthy PR trumpeting the eponymous JayGrey, save for their line credits, that is until Confucious (is this name a reference to the famous Chinese sage or to the word confusion or to both?) and someone he labels a 'troll' gave them what they deserved for their work.

I was there too, and I witnessed.

Very nice guys said:

I love it. 'Sent the world's first beer into space' could have been written betterer, but fuck it, it's beer advertising.

one strategy fits all said:

Its OK but Jay Gray's work is almost scaringly predictable...which must make doing the work pretty simple....just find some weirdos and attatch them to your brand...easy

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