Bestads Top 6 of the Week reviewed by Bruce Henderson, Chief Creative Officer, G2 USA

Google Docs: Hall & Oates was far and away my favorite. A lot of ads use popular music in an offhand - and arguably lazy - way. This concept, while deceptively simple, bakes the song and the nature of the duo act into what is effectively a fun and engaging product demonstration. It's hard to do, and in this case it's a home run.
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I'll go with Febreze Car: Garbage Truck here. It's quick, it's clever, and it helps the audience understand the product benefit without working too hard. And nobody outside of our industry wants to work hard on an ad.

I love the Smirnoff Night Project, but is it really Outdoor? It's a great concept either way. If I had to vote straight category, I would go with DNA Project: Crime Scene. It's simple, interesting and physically engaging, and I suspect the earned media helped create a fair amount of awareness.

ONG Florescer: Tomorrow In A Box. It's simple and charming, and it uses social media elegantly and with purpose. Several of the other pieces asked a lot of the visitor in terms of time and attention, and in my experience most people have little of either.


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Maybe the categories need updating.
There's nowhere for Interactive campaigns to sit.

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