BMF launches first interactive outdoor ad in Pitt Street Mall for The Smith Family Winter Appeal

TSF Pitt St 4.jpgBMF has created an interactive outdoor ad for The Smith Family Winter Appeal that will enable people to experience first hand what it means to be a disadvantaged child.

BMF worked in partnership with JC Decaux to harness Panasonic's D-Imager and Microsoft's .Net technology to create an interactive outdoor ad that invites passers-by to interact with school children in the unit. As people approach the ad, the children on screen run away from the viewer, demonstrating the isolation experienced by disadvantaged children.
Says Doug Rathbone, BMF technical director: "Interactive-outdoor is still such a new twist on such a well-known medium, we're really excited to be involved in such an interesting technical piece for such a good cause."
The interactive ad is part of The Smith Family's annual Winter Appeal, and aims to raise awareness of the issue of disadvantage, which lacks visibility in Australia, by demonstrating the experience of disadvantaged children.
It is also hoped that the ad will help boost donations for The Smith Family Winter Appeal, which is currently behind target for 2012.
The ad is currently located in Sydney's Pitt Street mall.
Executive Creative Director: Carlos Alija & Laura Sampedro
Art Director: Michael Graziano
Copy Writer: Daniel Staudinger
Developer: Nico Le Roux
Technical Lead: Doug Rathbone
Editor: Oana Voicu /James Bristow
Digital Project Manager: Lila Tournier
Account Director: Sophie Morgan
Print production: Libby Hams


Dave Droga said:

Now THIS is #advertising

hmm said:

Makes sense if it was for bullying.

Bobs your Uncle said:

Love it. Well done.
I agree it would have been even better for bullying - Cannes Gold.

I like it said:

I like it.

Nearly said:

Pass on the good use of the motion sensor technology. Fail on the execution.

Inter-act said:

Using agency talent as "passing extras" to look empathetic is a sure fail. And a sign tht it didn't resonate or make sense to real members of the public.

Happy go lucky said:

Really cool piece of work BMF... it seems 2012 will be the year of birth for the interactive outdoor ad shell and between Tequila, Spinifex and BMF we look to have some great work coming our way

I just wish BMF wouldn't always use cheesy show real music - feels like i'm watching an WSPCA ad!

James said:

Pretty cool.

Jay said:

Nice use of technology, but the line hardly connects the foundation to the execution. Feels a little forced. Would've been perfect for bullying.

Wonderboy said:

That was cool Spaniards!

Good work said:

Yeah good work BMF, nice simple interaction. I can't think how many times potentially good pieces of work have failed because they are way to complex to engage in.

This appears to work really well, and I don't need to download an app, scan the QR code and jump up and down on my right leg just to see something happen.

ted said:

Execution would be much better for something like don't go with strangers.

Smiles said:

Brilliant work guys!

...Now if only we could all turn and run away from the jerks that insist on leaving wanky remarks!

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