Campari Australia appoints AJF Partnership Sydney and HOST to manage their brands

Campaign Brief 353.pngCampari Australia has announced the appointment of two advertising agencies to manage the company's brands in Australia.

AJF Partnership Sydney will manage the Wild Turkey brand and HOST will manage all other brands including American Honey, Aperol, Riccadonna, Frangelico, SKYY Vodka, Espolon, Illyquore, Cinzano and, the company's namesake, Campari.

Campari Australia's marketing director, Melanie Hardman said: "Due to expansion of our brands in Australia, and the opportunities we see with such a diverse portfolio, we are excited by these appointments as we believe that both AJF and HOST can help us realise the great potential of our brands. We are pleased to welcome AJF Partnership Sydney as a business partner and look forward to continuing and extending our partnership with HOST."

Says HOST managing director, Suzie Shaw: "We have been working in partnership with Campari Australia for six months and we're delighted to have the opportunity to help great brands like Aperol, Campari, and SKYY fulfil their phenomenal growth potential."

AJF Partnership Sydney's managing director, Digby Richards said: "We have such passion and enthusiasm for the Wild Turkey brand and are excited we will have the opportunity to contribute to the brand's strategy and growth agenda over the coming years."

Campari Australia's media agency, Match Media, and below-the-line agency, Workshop, were not part of the review and remain as ongoing agencies in their respective areas.


Dick said:

Well done AJF Sydney. Great news!!

Wild Turkey said:

AJF gets given the Bird! Well done guys.

j said:

Nice one Rosie!

Paul said:

Bogan iced teas all round boys.

Gary said:

Cracking effort AJF. Get those BIT's flowing.
Maybe replace Jimmy Barnes with Bon Jovi.
And play a horse head.

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