Casella launches ARVO premium lager in new campaign via AnalogFolk

Screen shot 2012-06-15 at 5.01.06 PM.jpgCasella, the family-owned Australian business famous for its success in the wine industry, has taken the bold and exciting step into the beer market with the launch of a new premium lager, called ARVO.
It started in April this year, when Casella created the 'Perfect Lager Project' - a mission to discover what flavour profiles appealed the most to beer drinkers in order to help the company brew a lager Australians would love. Around 3,000 people took part using an innovative iPhone app that enabled them to rate their beer drinking moments and submit valuable information to Casella's Brew Masters about preferred flavour profiles and tastes.

This flow of information directly influenced the work of the Brew Masters as they developed Casella's first brew. What the research showed, however, was that public opinion varied between the preferred style of lager. As a result, Casella is launching two ARVO lagers, each with a slightly different flavour profile.  
The decision then lies with the Australian public, via voting at the Arvo Beer website as to which one will ultimately be Casella's first beer, to go on sale later this year.  
The launch is being supported with limited edition packaging, advertising, digital, social, sampling and experiential by AnalogFolk, with PR through Open Haus and media buying through Pearman Media.
Says AnalogFolk managing director, Matt Robinson: "The opportunity to launch a new beer is a dream brief for any agency, but to have a company like Casella embrace an idea that influenced everything from the packaging design, to the beer itself, is truly innovative. We've worked in partnership with Casella from day one on this brand and we can't wait to see the public get involved and choose Australia's Perfect Lager."  

Casella Wines senior brand manager, Fiona Seath said: "We're thrilled to be working with such dynamic and skilled agencies that have each played an instrumental role in helping us roll out ARVO 34 and 51. The end result is a non - conventional launch strategy that's is interactive at its core, however uses conventional channels to bring it to life."
ARVO is available nationally from today through leading liquor retail outlets. Each six-pack of ARVO (RRP $18) will come with three bottles of each lager, with Australians able to vote for their favourite online


Alex Bartel said:

Really like this.

And I love the half six pack so you can try each. Genius. Well done.

Dylan said:

Superb idea.

brain said:

That's a smart idea, and good to see something different in the beer category.

morningo said:

Crap name for a beer, love the split six pack idea though, The 3000 voters bit feels a bit contrived as the strategy to role out these two beers would have been there in the first place.

Yeah nice but the app for MR seems like a waste of time and money to me, now it's in stores it will gain a lot of momentum though. Cool

shane said:

Brought a six pack on the weekend and love the idea of the 2 versions. Damn sexy design too! Well done Matt and Matt!

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