CB Poll: Do you agree with the AANA that commercial production costs need to be controlled as new media and new technologies challenge the traditional production model?

Screen shot 2012-06-08 at 11.28.45 PM.jpgWhose side are you on in this debate: The AANA or the commercial production industry?


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Ian Fowler said:

Well, I have to say, it's great to see so much discussion and opinion about the production side of the business. It is so often forgotten in the process and I have to agree that apart from a few comments that confirm what most people already knew about the authors, the passion and enthusiasm comes through loud and clear.

It's probably a good time to clear up a few things about the CPC. First of all, it is in its infancy. But despite that, it has made some very good progress on major issues that is well in advance of anything that was achieved in previous incarnations associated with SPAA. This is largely due to the tireless efforts of Michael Ritchie from Revolver and Emma Lawrence from Exit. Margaret Zabel and Genevieve Murphy from The Communications Council have been incredibly helpful and supportive and have corralled agency Heads of TV for preliminary discussions on the issue that most production companies seem most frustrated about - terms of business. Further meetings are planned with agency CFOs to address this serious issue and having a CPC member on the board of The Communications Council gives production companies a voice where it is really needed and can have real influence.

Although it will take some time, I am confident that we are going to see some significant progress on the major issues that confront production companies in 2012. Probably the major winners of this work ironically, will be the small operators and those in the smaller advertising markets outside Sydney and Melbourne who on their own, find it hard to have their voice heard.

It's a good time to talk to Genevieve at The Communications Council. No matter where you are or what you size is, get involved - your opinion is welcome. 

Now, get back to quoting all the scripts with million dollar budgets, because those days are coming to end apparently.

Creative said:


Anne Miles said:

I think this is a great initiative. The foundation need is education rather than control. I think that this process is going to benefit all parties rather than it be as it seems.
There are many ignorant agencies acting on behalf of clients and this is an important factor. Some kind of understanding or agreement could well be a protection for the film companies in fact rather than merely be about cutting costs if it is done right.

I do also think that there are production companies that are no longer relevant too and that it is those that are forcing the need for this 'investigation' of sorts.

The best thing that can happen out of this is to have some understanding of the value in good quality work and to define when that kind of work is needed and when it isn't.

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