Instant Kiwi scratchie cards launches new 'push your luck' campaign via DDB New Zealand

Campaign Brief 399.pngDDB NZ has launched a new campaign for Instant Kiwi scratchie cards. 

For more than twenty years Instant Kiwi scratchie cards have been injecting a little bit of excitement into Kiwis' lives. And the new 'It pays to push your luck' campaign, from DDB NZ, is no different.

Brought to life by a spontaneous and cheeky central character, we watch as he is unleashed on the unsuspecting public and proceeds to push his luck in a number of audacious scenarios in the hope that it could all fall his way.

Starring stand-up comedian Jesse Griffin and directed by The Sweet Shop's Stuart McDonald (director of Summer Heights High), the campaign is made up of 21 pieces of unique content that will be released online and broadcast on network television.

The first scenario entitled 'Garage Sale,' which goes to air on June 9th, sees Jesse trying to flog prepaid alibis, superhero undies, mismatched skates and air guitars.

The following two scenarios see him auditioning performers for his eight-year old niece's birthday party and pushing his luck in a department store.

DDB Group NZ executive creative director Andy Fackrell says he's confident the campaign will be a huge success and he's extremely proud of the finished work.

Says Fackrell: "The campaign is fresh and brave and without equal in this market. It's a great idea, beautifully executed and I have every faith it's going to have great cut through with the target because it's so damn funny."

Agency: DDB Group New Zealand
Client: New Zealand Lotteries
Product: Instant Kiwi
Group Executive Creative Director: Andy Fackrell
Group Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Creative Director: Steve Kane
Art Director/copywriter: Jonathan McMahon 
Art Director/copywriter: Lisa Fedyszyn
Designer: Toby Morris
Executive Producer: Judy Thompson
Agency Producer: Jane Mill 
Agency Producer: Rosie Grayson
Agency Producer: Tania Jeram
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Stuart McDonald
Producer: Ben Dailey
Executive Producer: George MacKenzie
Executive Producer: Fiona King
DoP:  Crighton Bone
Editor: Peter Sciberras @ the Butchery
Assistant Editor: Michael Lutman @ the Butchery
Visual Effects Artist: Eugene Richards@ The Refinery
Colourist: Vincent Taylor @ The Refinery
Sound Design: Jon Cooper @ The Coopers of Franklin Road,
Sound Design: Craig Conway @ Final Sound.
Animation: Tony Leslie @ Waxeye.
Animation: Paul Carter @ Waxeye.
Group Business Director: Angela Watson 
Group Business Director: Aimee McCammon
Account Director: Jenny Travers 
Account Manager: Peter Jiang
Planner: Thinza Mon
Chief Executive: Wayne Pickup
Chief Financial Officer: Warren Sailsbury
Head of Marketing: Wendy Rayner
Marketing Manager: Kirsty Phillips
Brand Manager: John Alexander
Media Director: Nicky Greville                     
Media Manager: Abby Ireton                         
Digital Media Manager: Mike Harland                      
Digital Planner/Buyer: Brendan Hewitt                 
Campaign Manager: Gareth Treacher


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