Australian digital agency BlueArc Group launches clothing brand Marcs' new integrated mobile site

Marcs Mobile Site - BlueArc_edited-1.jpgAustralian digital agency BlueArc Group has launched the new Marcs mobile site.

A long-term digital partner of Marcs, BlueArc designed and developed the mobile site with simplicity and usability in mind. BlueArc's integration of the mobile site with Marcs' current web Content Management System (CMS) and stock management systems ensures easy access to areas of the site most relevant to users on the go. Incorporating 'swipe' functionality to allow for simple browsing, the site has been optimised to a high resolution, providing the highest quality output for the audience.
Says Lyle Hudson, group operating officer, M Webster Holdings: "We are very excited to have Marcs fully accessible to customers on the go. No matter what device is used to browse the site, BlueArc has made the experience consistent and relevant to our audience; something we believe sets us apart from our competition. Working with BlueArc on this project was yet again a delightful experience. The team at BlueArc continues to encourage and inspire our digital journey, taking our online offering from strength to strength."

Other key features of the Marcs mobile site include:

  • Mobile Commerce - purchases can be made via the mobile site through integration with the PayPal payment gateway or via credit card.
  • Mobile purchases tracking - integration with the Marcs stock management software.
  • GPS location tracking - uses a customer's location to display closest stores.
  • "My Favourites" - this allows customers to add a list of items they can consult in the future, when they have more time.
  • Social Media - integration with social media allows users to share and like specific products.

Says Ben Eames, BlueArc commercial director: "BlueArc has worked with Marcs for almost five years and during this time it has been a privilege to help expand Marcs' digital offering. It is with pride in the entire BlueArc team that I say that the Marcs mobile site offers a seamless transition from web to mobile while successfully delivering a customer experience that is relevant and on brand."

BlueArc is also currently working with Marcs' parent company, M Webster Holdings, on mobile sites for women's clothing brands David Lawrence and Jigsaw. Both mobile sites are scheduled for launch in July.

In an acknowledgement of the calibre of the Marcs mobile site, it has been shortlisted for the 2012 Mobile Awards in the online shopping and payments category.


G said:

Waste Of money

mirko_toso said:

Isn't it too similar to Marc Jacobs' name? Also font is the same...

Anna said:

I would use this:) Occasionally checking out the latest in their collection on my way home form work; perfect for browsing and shopping on the go. A bonus would be of the stock management system would also enable the user to check what sizes were in stock at each store, so if you need to try something on, you know where to go. Can you make this happen?

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