Australian job search website, MyCareer gets a major brand and website overhaul

laptop.jpgLooking for a new job has been made a whole lot easier thanks to a major brand and website overhaul introduced this month at MyCareer, one of Australia's multi-media job search providers.
The website's new look, in addition to the updated brand position and logo, has been developed and implemented in response to candidate feedback which highlighted that every career path is different and job seekers are wanting a more personalised approach which recognises this.
mobile.jpgAt the centre of the new logo is the key word 'MY' - used to emphasize the renewed focus on the individual and to highlight the more personalised job search tools now available across all the MyCareer job search platforms, including the M-site and smartphone application.
The re-designed website offers a number of exciting new features including customised search results, a dashboard pinned to the top of the page, easier website navigation and more control over the content displayed while using the site.
Says Paul Kitchin, general manager of MyCareer: "A better job can mean different things to different people and this is the message that is conveyed across our new advertising campaign. For some of our candidates it's about working fewer hours, being close to home or working in a flexible, relaxed environment. For others it's about the salary, career progression or status."
The supporting advertising campaign, featuring the "It's your move" tag-line, has been developed by Euro and will be introduced nationally from Sunday, 3 June. The campaign targets a wide audience including people who may already be in one great job but aspire to be in an even better one - whatever and whenever that may be.
The new MyCareer website and brand features include:
  • A clean new design: the fresh new look and clearer navigation will make looking for a job easier and a more positive experience for users.
  • New job search tools: the new MyCareer 'dock' will be pinned to the top of the web browser, giving users quick access to manage their accounts, view their latest job alerts, saved jobs and jobs they have applied for.
  • More personalised results: users will receive information directly on the homepage that is based on their behaviour, account information and interaction on the website, delivering a tailored user experience.
  • New skills searching: the new site will suggest skills that may be used to broaden job searches, exposing users to jobs and industries that they otherwise may have missed.
  • Improved branding for advertisers: Job candidates will be able to search for employers or recruiters of interest, while advertisers will receive additional branding opportunities and the ability to include extra video content and photos in their job ads.
  • Improved print product: the print version of MyCareer has already taken its new position within the Saturday edition of the Sydney Morning Herald's Business section. The MyCareer section has also taken on a new editorial direction with a focus on employment trends and industry specific specials.
  • Marketing and advertising support: a national schedule of print, radio and online promotion, will speak to a premium audience via the Fairfax network.
  • Mobile tools: the updated smartphone applications for iPhone, WP7 and Android and the M-site will further support the new brand position, reaching job searchers when-ever and where-ever they are.


Andrew said:

uninspired logo, colour palette and site.

very stock standard and rather boring.. bit of a step backward in my opinion

Geoff said:

I agree with Andrew. A bit of a back yard job on the UI.

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