Fantastic Noodles launches new spot targeting teenage market via Clemenger BBDO Adelaide

Beef in Cup.jpgFantastic Noodles' social media strategy to create a closer connection with their teenage target market seems to be paying dividends.

Following on from the success of its Fantastic Chicken Flavoured Cup Noodles campaign, Clemenger BBDO Adelaide has added a new beef character to its range, capping off a successful 12 months for the brand.
After launching the Fantastic Noodles Facebook page to coincide with the chicken's debut last year its fan base reached over 45,000 likes, with the campaign so successful that fans were asking for an additional Beef character to be added to the mix.


Fantastic Noodles Facebook page.jpgThe Fantastic Chicken became a stand out character for the brand last year; even answering fan questions in its "Chickenundrums" campaign that ran exclusively on Facebook and also featuring in "Fantastic Surf", Fantastic Noodles' free iPhone Fantastic Surf.jpggame released last November.
Says Erik de Roos, account director at Clemenger BBDO Adelaide: "The Fantastic Chicken campaign is an ongoing success, with fans so engaged that they demanded a Beef character be created to represent our client's great tasting Beef flavoured noodles. So it seemed the logical next stage of Chickenundrums.jpgour campaign."
Says Michael Neale, head of sales and marketing at Fantastic Snacks: "We wanted to reward our fans' loyalty and continue to build on the popularity of the Fantastic Chicken and the Fantastic Bull gives us a great way to reinforce that the taste of Fantastic Beef Flavoured noodles are unrivaled in the Beef flavour category."
The Fantastic Noodles Beef campaign will launch on National TV this Sunday after an exclusive release on the Fantastic Noodles Facebook page last week.


No dice said:

There is no creative idea behind this campaign.

Creating characters may work for 5 years olds in McDonalds, but this really highlights how out of touch both the agency and the client are with teenagers.

When you've only developed Facebook fans from having to provide incentives or using paid Facebook ads, the 45,000 fans becomes a false indication of brand engagement online.

A better indication of the success of this campaign, designed to engage with an online audience is look at the YouTube views of the Chicken videos. WIth the exception of the one that AdNews posted, most of these videos have between 100 and 1000 views each. This clearly shows that the Facebook page is failing to engage with their audience.

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