Goldwell warns women to avoid being a victim in new web film via Bashful

Screen shot 2012-06-08 at 11.10.09 AM.jpgGoldwell Australia, via agency Bashful, Sydney, has launched a new campaign supporting professional hair stylists.

The campaign is led by a web film, directed by Nick Robertson at Plaza Films, suggesting that women avoid being a victim of hair colour.

Women are also asked to join the conversation on its Facebook page.



shocker said:

this is horrific

scary man said:

she screams, he screams, we all scream for ice cream.... I like it, looks sweet. But where is the guy with the hockey mask? was it Pete and Paul???

Circling sharks said:

Join the conversation? About what, Goldwell? A serious community issue, or one that has broad ranging impacts or interests to women everywhere? You're flogging hair dye at salons.

Fark I'm sick to the back teeth of every client trying to shoehorn social into every ad. All of you, stop it.

really? said:

lets parody domestic abuse and violence. pathetic

Yes really. said:

I think they took the angle of she's been murdered rather than domestic abuse.

Either way it's still annoying awful.

scared said:

I like it. good idea. well executed. interesting to watch.

Doug Watson said:

Believe it or not the same idea can be handled cleverly. Omon did it first for Swartzkopf years ago.

wat said:

Wow. What a miserable pack of fuckers you all are.
It's based on a murder scenario - her hair has been murdered - fuck the stupidity on this board defies logic sometimes....
It's good. The bloody house does look like that when it doesn't work and I've seen it have the same effect on my missus.
Bang on for the target.
Well done.

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