GPY&R Sydney and VML Sydney launch new Revlon person-to-person sampling app

Campaign Brief 317.pngRevlon has released the person-to-person sampling app which is  designed to generate trial and word of mouth as people physically share an experience together. 

With a simple bump of the phone, you can gift a friend a free sample, as well as receive one yourself.
George Patterson Y&R Sydney won the business earlier this year and will be handling the entire cosmetics portfolio.
Says Julian Watt, George Patterson Y&R group executive creative director: "Revlon is an iconic brand that we're thrilled to be working with. The new media landscape opens up a massive opportunity for this brand to connect with Australian women."

Campaign Brief 318.pngCampaign Brief 319.pngCampaign Brief 320.pngSays Rob Garratt, managing director, Revlon Australasia: "Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter has proven to be a sell out sensation within weeks of its launch. This particular product, with Emma Stone as the Revlon Brand Ambassador, appeals to a younger demographic. This bump app is in perfect synergy with the tone of communication as well as the target of women this product speaks to. It's interactive and engaging, digital, and an innovative way of sampling."
Aden Hepburn, VML managing director added: "There is a huge opportunity to find new ways of connecting consumers to products and the 'Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter Bump' sampling app is just the first push."


Ridiculous said:

Hold on so the friend needs to install the app before it will work? Truly stupid idea.

Read again said:

Ridiculous, Bump shares apps so if I have the Revlon app, I can share it with a friend and they get a free sample. They don't need to download it, yet now they know all the colours plus get a free sample. Not as silly as you suggested.

Nice work Jules.

Behavior said:

Gimmicky sampling mechanic. Like most brand apps it will get used once then never again. What actual behavioral insight is there going on here?
None. Typical useless BDA attempt at being 'digital' whilst their subservient 'digital' arm make whatever they are told to by the big boys.

Black said:

How many agencies does it take to make one app?

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