JayGrey takes a tough stance for Alibi Bourbon

Alibi .22 jpgA recent collaboration between JayGrey and Alibi Bourbon has seen two unique, innovative entities collide with a colourful and highly engaging result.

JayGrey were tasked with supporting Alibi Bourbon's existing range by targeting its key consumers - true bourbon drinkers. A refreshing assignment to talk to hard working, BS free urban warriors - men and women willing to roll up their sleeves and get the job done.

A tough campaign was needed to talk to these tough individuals and this was communicated through the tag, "Seriously hard liquor".

Alibi Abattoir.jpgSays Alan Cunningham, international business development director in charge of Alibi Bourbon: "We like to do campaigns that make people stop and take notice and JayGrey seems to be an agency that specializes in that. When the guys at JayGrey put the creative concept in front of me, I have to admit I had a bit of a laugh. They really get what we're trying to do here."

Says Jay Furby, JayGrey's creative director: "Alibi Bourbon is a gritty, no nonsense drink. The fact that our point-of-sale campaigns were to run at biker events gave us a clue straight away what tone of voice we had to adopt."

Agency: JayGrey
Client: Pure Beverages
Alibi Fridge.jpgCreative Director: Jay Furby
Art Director: Jay Furby, Dave Heytman & Tommy Cehak
Copywriter: Jay Furby & Gavin Chimes
Typographer: Dave Heytman & Tommy Cehak
Account Management: Will Frew
Photography: Sean Izzard (The Pool)
Re-touching: Steve York (Cream)

Alibi Looking.jpg Alibi Stabbed.jpg


yikes said:

make me laugh, but looks a little for me

Really? said:

a) http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/

b) I'm not convinced that fat bogans like to see themselves at fat bogans... (unless this is a clever play to sell product to hipsters?)

no appetite appeal said:

good 'made you look' stuff
not sure about 'made you buy'

Richard Denham said:

It should be named FUGLY Bourbon.

What's Next? said:

A few weeks ago it was Polish racial humour, and just when you thought that the bar for JayGrey couldn't get any lower, they've outdone themselves.

I prefer the radio said:

I prefer the radio. The print is funny, but not as tight.

Another one said:

Another print ad from Jaygrey for a client without a suitable budget for anyone to see.

LCD said:

After the Vitek Vodka work, and now this Alibi campaign, maybe the agency should consider a rebrand to better reflect its creative focus.

Greidy said:

Great performance out of that VO.

By all accounts, he's extremely hard to work with.

Tank said:

Cry me a river, What's next?

and no, I don't work for JayGrey. I do like the ads because its a step away from the alcohol-advertising wallpaper shite that we're constantly subject to..

Someone does something different, funny and clever and everyone's a bit touchy.

BOGAN said:

Well i like it.I think its funny that people slag off good fresh work that breaks the mould.
Congrats to the people who did this.Maybe all the detractors should take a long hard look at whats on their wall and fess up to themselves.....ts funny and doesn't take itself too seriously.Freakin hell credit where credits due i reckon. What's next?...at 1.08 judging by your comment...not much in your career...lol

Name or pseudonym said:

What. Are these building projections? Look at the size of the endline would you. Just look at it!

What's Next? said:


Ah, Jay, you can't hide behind a glass wall. Good fresh work that breaks the mould? Which mould would that be? The one that doesn't rely upon tired stereotypes to get its message across? Please.

BOGAN said:

Ah what's next?
You are so wrong....you are the tired stereotype....good luck with your negativity.I am just saying i like the ads and i don't even work there. In advertising terms you unfortunately are the bogan troll which is why you hide behind your glass wall. Hilarious, And really are tattoed women stereotypes??????????Surely women in sexist roles doing the washing up are stereotypes more so. Your argument is banal.

Undeterred said:

You have to admire the resilience. After decades of being told the work is crass, artificially sensational, superficial and trite, it's still crass, artificially sensational, superficial and trite.

Confused said:

I never got why he didn't call it Grey Furby

A Yorkshireman writes: said:

and if you tell kids that nowadays, they won't believe ya.

ANDY said:

Breaking the mould is not as hard as making it relevant to your target market.
Why the pommie voices?

Yeah, but... said:

Jay's been getting small clients like this to do work that much bigger clients wouldn't dare to, for years. I don't know how, but if I did I'd be much better off. Hats off Jay.

Anonymous said:

More REAL work from JayGrey, Bravo. Seriously well done. I love how you did 12 executions too, such a campaign! The breadth of thinking, the degree of difficulty. Encore!

OMG said:

OMG.Reading some of these comments it is obvious some people have no idea what advertising is. These are fine. They get attention and they are aimed at people who will most probably like them. I think the lunatics have taken over the asylum in Australia. Jealous much?

Undeterred is funny said:

And it keeps winning and selling heaps of product...I'm sure someone is laughing at you!!! Funny.

The Right Fit said:

Assumption: Bourbon drinkers, especially those who would drink something as nasty as Alibi are by-and-large fat, ignorant, backward, Bogans, overweight, inked-up, lacking in hygiene, illiterate, and by virtue of their ignorance quite proud of all of the aforementioned. In fact, they wear each and every one of these repugnant character traits like personal badges of honour.

Brief: Write a campaign that will appeal to these drinkers and sell them more of the shit that they already love to drink. Maybe even sway them away from Old Grand Dad or Old Crow or Old Something-or-Other.

Solution: Appeal to the narcissism of these drinkers by selling back to them the lowest common denominator of cliches about all of their 'type' accompanied by every one of their disgusting stereotypical habits. Maybe even pick up some hypsters along the way who think being repulsive is the new black, and call it funny, kind of like a fart joke.

Best Agency for the Job?: JayGrey, who else?

village idiot said:

The VO is the ECD. I mean, come on.

Awethome! said:

These are fucking great Jay.

And good voice-over talent on that as well. Have some great VO jobs if you're keen to moonlight?

Bloody well done.

And nice shots Sean.

Vito said:

The writing and the performance of the V.O. to suit are dying to be Don Logan or 'Gal' Dove.

They are decidedly neither.

Just another pale by comparison imitation of an already low bid from the agency that does pale and low like no other.

As they say in Sicily, the fish stinks from the head.

Ear To The Ground said:

Yes, well-disguised and difficult to pick until a giveaway near the end of 'Irene' but these are indeed the dulcet tones of The Indefatigable One.

The Shadow said:

@Vito, I dare you to say your spitting insults to Jay's face rather than hiding behind the safe veil of your monitor. In fact, if "the fish stinks from the head", would you be kind enough to suggest how you would have done a better job?

Funny, crass, outrageous. Call it what you wish but stereotypical it is not. The tattoos are obviously fake and the extremity of the creative renders it a parody. Are we completely oblivious to the plethora of truly stereotypical ads featuring conventionally beautiful models with an alcoholic beverage in hand? Perhaps so, as they have become so omnipresent that we have unfortunately been habituated to them. If I could criticize anything, Jay, perhaps you have overestimated the intelligence of your audience.

While I have no affiliation to JayGrey, I say kudos to he who isn't afraid to challenge the status quo. Thank you Jay, for bringing back imagination to an industry plagued with replica ideas. Thank you also for bringing originality to what should be a creative industry - not a cookie cutting one. It is refreshing to see work which is not conservative, conformist and aka BORING, and it is inspiring to see one shamelessly put himself out there in an age where replica ideas are sadly the norm. Thank you also, for reviving this very humble quality we call FUN, which sadly seems quite foreign to many on this board.

Jay, I applaud you for broadening the boundaries that has conditioned the communications industry to produce cloned, predictable work. For you have not only created yet another brilliant and clever ad, but a powerful statement to our community. Only the truly talented are true to themselves and aren't guided by the need to "fit in" with the mass. And only true legends are orbited by those who secretly aspire to be - those who choose to sadistically taunt like moths around a flame, and are merely a testimony of your success.

Zizi said:

JAY you are wonderful....A truly remarkable insight and fresh idea for Allibi Bourbon..

A true leader in the industry... one to be admired!

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