MobyPicture & Tribal DDB Amsterdam launch online content platform 'Feed The Creatives'

FeedtheLions.jpgMobyPicture and Tribal DDB Amsterdam launch Feed the Creatives, an online content platform that brings together all social media buzz surrounding large advertising festivals.

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The Platform launching during this year's Cannes Lions festival under the name Feed the Lions, gathers content from sources such as Twitter and Facebook highlighting most interesting stories generated by festival-goers, bloggers and the festival jury.

Says Sandra Krstic, deputy managing partner Tribal DDB Amsterdam: "Today, we cannot imagine attending events like this and not being able to follow opinions in real time, filter out the best events instantly and discover what is going on. This platform is a great gateway, enabling visitors to notice all that matters during Cannes Lions. It's a great tool for attendees as well as people following the festival from home."

How to Feed the Lions
Cannes Lions visitors can feed content to the platform by tweeting and uploading media via MobyPicture using the tag #canneslions. These updates will automatically appear on the platform and be available for others to see.

Win a portable WiFi and tickets to the best parties
Cannes Lions festival-goers that register upfront, become 'ambassadors' of the festival and are given a chance to win one of the 50 Droam MiFi's (portable WiFi's). A MiFi makes content sharing easier allowing the ambassadors to 'roam' for free with their mobile device during the festival.

Festival's ambassadors will also receive tickets to the hottest Cannes parties, from where they can upload pictures non-stop to the Feed the Creatives platform.

Says Mathys van Abbe, founder MobyPicture: "During a festival like Cannes Lions everyone is constantly sharing content. The interesting thing about the Feed the Creatives platform is that it collects all this in one place. The MobyNow platform is useful for festival visitors, and makes sure that people at home won't miss Cannes Lions next year!"

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