NRL celebrates women in league in new campaign 'Womanifesto' created by MJW

nrl.jpgThe NRL are today launching a new campaign celebrating and acknowledging the diverse and unexpected roles women play in the continuing success of rugby league.

Created by MJW, Wo-manifesto is designed to break down female stereotypes as well as acknowledging the amazing contribution of women at grass roots level. The campaign showcases volunteers and mothers but also a female physiotherapist and a referee as part of a wider strategy to connect with female audiences.


Agency: MJW
Director: Simon McRae
Creative Director: Marrianne Little
Copywriter: Marrianne Little
Art Director: Justine Metcalf
Account Director: Lucy Cunningham
Producer: Alex Mooney
Production house: Orangewhip Films


Jimmy said:

Nothing special.

Could condense into a 30 sec spot.

I like the notion of saluting females and their behind the scenes efforts - smart move by the client in light of various scandals over the years but the creative is, for the brief, a little too predictable.

some nobody said:

that is one very deep and gravelly V/O

Will said:

Marianne Little I salute you!x

Sarah said:

I love the wear a beanie like a crown line. Very Dylan Thomas

Help said:

Wall-to-wall VO, and banal at that, in tandem with the laundry list of visual cliches on the subject of rugby mums all wrapped up in a charming little piano sonata to tug at the heart strings.


It's nice that someone is trying to bridge the gender gap with a football code more recognised for abuse of women than adoration, but something a bit deeper than a Hallmark card would be in order. Unless of course existing NRL fans are the target audience, in which case the amateur storytelling will hardly be noticed.

Rugby mum said:

Nice one. Great to see the return of the Marrianne / Justine creative partnership. Takes me back to Magnus/FCB days. Good work all.

MrsB said:

It may be cliche to some but it's true for me. And I, for one, appreciate the acknowledgement! Thank you for showing me all those moments i live again, and making them beautiful.

Pro Woman said:

Beutifully written and read. The message is wonderful and I feel the NRL are pulling the right strings. This will certainly contribute to the better perception of woman in League.

Parramatta Mum said:

I cried when my son posted this on Facebook.
Thanks for the Kind words. The Manly beanie was hard to swallow but the beautiful words made it all better.


Go Eels:)

Greeting Cards said:

"You are the wind beneath our wings"?

We're tearing up . . . really.

This might pass with the Mrs Bs, Parramatta Mums, Rugby Mums, and Pro Women of NSW whose sons developed more brawn than brain to make it in the NRL, but CB is an industry blog, and for your colleagues, this kind of cloying copy is just embarrassing.

Besides, we're betting that the four commenters mentioned above are all pseudonyms for the writer who hacked this out in the first place.

Heman said:

I actually liked 'wind beneath our wingers'.

James Brown said:

This is a mans world.
But it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl.

Maybe. said:

We find it too easy to be too worthy. Even the NRL could be a softer touch.

Australian anthem style advertising is 80's.

Sparky said:

Powerful words and some beautiful images

Good on you NRL for acknowledging the vital role that women play in NRL. Smart move. Sure to get the ladies on board with this one

Wo - Fail!! said:

All of the positive comments are so transparently generated by the agency. I mean an actual real life Mum from Parramatta reads and comments on Campaign Brief...of course they do. That ad is bland at best.... and why is every NRL ad black and white all of a sudden? Is it an attempt to create a fake art-house moody look and feel? If so it ain't working it actually reinforces that this is totally colourless creative.

Mastermind said:

..."Wind beneath our wingers"??? Possibly the worst line in an ad ever. About as appealing as the wind between my cheeks... This ad looks like it was written by someone who has no understanding of the game or its culture at all. It also looks like the agency in suggesting this type of ad is desperately trying to appear current and insightful

loudmaus said:

So women can do anything in league except actually play the game?

I find this ad offensive.

Sal said:

Beautiful! It's a wonderful acknowledgement to all of us who work hard for our kids. Not something I would have expected from the NRL. Changing my opinion for the much better.

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