Qantas launches new 'You're The Reason We Fly' campaign via Publicis Mojo Sydney

qantas.jpgQantas today launched the first phase of its new advertising campaign titled You're The Reason We Fly developed by Publicis Mojo, Sydney.

The campaign focuses on Australians and encourages Australians to get involved and be part of the new marketing activity.

Qantas executive manager marketing Mr Lewis Pullen said the campaign celebrates the new spirit of our country and more importantly our people, the Spirit of Australians.

Says Pullen: "We've been flying with the Spirit of Australia on our planes for over 20 years and in that time we've changed a lot and we know that Australians have been changing too. As Australia's airline, we're working hard to meet those expectations.

"The new campaign focuses on our customers, so much so, that we're asking all Australians to be a part of the campaign.

"To support this, we've added an 'ns' to our tag line the Spirit of Australia on two of our aircraft, an Airbus A380 and a Boeing B737 so they will now fly with the Spirit of Australians emblazoned on the side of the aircraft. This activity is captured as part of a documentary that acts as a teaser for the first part of our campaign."

Qantas employees and two Qantas ambassadors Mark Webber and Steve Hooker feature in the documentary representing the Spirit of Australia. The teaser campaign is supported by a print and digital campaign also in market today.

Says Pullen: "Over the next two weeks, we're asking Australians to upload their photo and name via or by using a specially developed mobile phone or Facebook app. Those people will then have the chance to appear in the end frame of our new TV commercial or win the opportunity to have their name painted on the side of an A380 or B737 aircraft."

Hundreds of people will be selected to have their name painted on the side of an aircraft by the end of July. Everyone who uploads a photo will also go into the draw to have their photo form part of a mosaic in the new television commercial, and go in the draw to win five lots of 500,000 frequent flyer points.

All photos and names will be housed on the Qantas Hub at, the online site where people can register to participate in the activities. To encourage people to be part of the activity, Qantas will set up photo kiosks at Westfield shopping centres in Westfield Chatswood (5-8 July), Westfield Bondi Junction (12-15 July) and Westfield Doncaster (12-15 July) where people will be able to get a hair and make-up 'touch up' and a professional photo to be used to participate in the campaign.

In a world first, the campaign will deliver a deployment of cutting edge technology to consumers via Adshel Digital Vista sites including a 3.5m wide display in Town Hall train station in Sydney. This will be live in early July and customers using a Qantas app will automatically see their name and image within the Qantas ad display in real-time.

In another world first, Qantas customers will be able to feature in their own personalised banner ads whenever they visit any site displaying the Qantas campaign such as Google, Fairfax or NewsLtd online sites.

As part of the campaign, Qantas will also donate $5 to Mission Australia for each photo uploaded to the value of $100,000.
The new multi-platform marketing campaign will also include a number of print, digital, outdoor and TVC executions which will be announced and rolled out in coming months. This first stage encourages people to get involved and be part of the campaign. Further details will be unveiled as the campaign progresses.


Peter Allen said:

Yep, that's believable. I'm rolling over right now.

Boys Choir said:

We're now flying Virgin.

ged said:

wow...this is embarassingly bad from qantas and mojo..the ad feels so forced and contrived and getting people to put their image on a plane has been done by at least 3 airlines in the past year... austrian airlines did it for years ago for the european cup

Where? said:

Where is Droga5?

Hater said:

I like it.
It reminds me of the 'We are one campaign'...
It reminds me Qantas is Australian and need my support...
Makes them human.
I like it.

Peppa said:

If my name is on the plane will it mean that the flight is on time, I don't have to pay $950 for Syd-Melb return, get snarled at by an unhappy worker who is about to loose their job and my luggage will arrive in the place I'm going? If so, I'd gladly enter your stupid competition.

BIG said:

i like it

Flabby said:

Sorry guys. If you're going to do authenticity, get film makers who know how to spot and construct truth, otherwise it's just a cheesy structured sales pitch.

Karmagain? said:

This is just a Corporate Video and not a great one at that - is this what you get for being mates of the [deleted for legal reasons] ??


Father Time said:

Where do I get those 90 seconds of my life back?

Karmagain? said:

This is just a Corporate Video and not a great one at that - is this what you get for being mates of the [deleted for legal reasons] ??


Roland of Effingham said:

didn't Mojo do the same sort of thing for Club's NSW? That had people's names on stuff too.

T said:

Please tell me i won't have to watch this crap every time i board a qantas flight.

Tony said:

The Brand Positioning is a blatent rip off of Carnival Airlines; a US airline that went broke. Ripping off a defunct airlines brand positioning and adding two letters to the end of the tagline is hardly going to turn around the airline.

Check this out:

Dull, unimaginative and plagarism as well. Where to next?

Shambolic said:

In keeping with the airline's massive layoffs and cost cutting, they can save a few letters on the sides of their planes by calling them The Spirit of Asians. If the little Irishman has his way, that's what the organisation will be soon anyway.

Maybe a flying panda would be a more appropriate symbol as well.

This is a transparent stunt, and the flying public will see it for what it is. If Qantas actually cared about their customers, they'd have never allowed their CEO to pull the shut down charade last year and strand thousands in the process, and they'd be doing allot more than putting their names on the hull of their jets now.

Nominal, at best, and the most undercooked, generic promo for this launch we've ever seen.

Broken English said:

Reminds me of the infamous campaign a number of years ago run by LOT the Polish airline. They wanted to highlight their focus upon their customers and their agency in Warsaw wrote a campaign for the UK market that when translated into English read, WE DON'T LEAVE WITHOUT YOU.

Long ago the management of our national airline removed the U from QANTAS.

Ben said:

No wonder they've given the business to D5. This is utter, try-hard shite.

Groucho said:

Is this a result of the French taking over at Mojo and trying to make QF and Australia look silly from the inside?

The Government are going to need to double the Tourism budget to compensate for this aren't they

twinkle said:

"The spirit of Australians" is the clunkiest line I've ever heard...

Envious of Sydney said:

I checked out the link posted by Tony (see below)

AND BLOODY HELL, it's the same tagline. Ha, what do you expect from the agency with the ECD without a portfolio.

Long memory said:

I remember when that particular "creative" person"absorbed" a NZ Crosses on the Road" campaign - and here they are "borrowing" again ! Get rid of 'em!!!

Coke with a bit of Jetstar said:

When I first saw the headline 'you're the reason we fly' I thought it was going to be about the people on the other end. Ie. the Mum you fly to visit or the clients you go to meet. That sounded interesting. At least more so than this well-worn get-your-name-on-it path.

Absent Creative said:

Two marketing executives walk into a bar.

Finger Pointing said:

You're the reason we flail.

peter said:

It look's like an 18 year old straight out of school shot this on his 5D, edited in FCP X, and got a friend to write a midi orchestral track in Garageband.

Virgin said:

Simple: Just reduce the airfare price and people will fly Qantas.

Chris said:

Shambolic's anti Irish comments make him/her pathetic. Joyce is Irish born Australian citizen you fool.

All the anti Qantas airlines comments are written by people so devoid of creativity that they couldn't even think up a critique of the ad so slum to style slander of a great Australian brand.

Virgin - that would be easy if QANTAS cost bases were as low as other airlines.

Peppa - QF domestic SYD-MEL is $99 each way in Y class so get real.

Shambolic said:

In Chris' world, referring to a man who is diminutive, to say the least, and Irish born as 'the little Irishman' is somehow 'anti Irish' and makes the individual who used the term, one tagged to Qantas' very controversial CEO by the press in general somehow 'pathetic' and a 'fool'. Interesting argument, but a touch on the frothing-at-the-mouth side we're thinking.

The truth is that Alan Joyce has been more the accountant than the corporate leader with vision. His smallness physically is no match for the small mindedness displayed by his policies and by the marketing department's approach to what was once a venerable Australian brand, but is under the current leadership neither.

Yes, Qantas' cost base may indeed make it difficult to compete with international airlines subsidised by wealthy petro-nationals, but are attacking the unions and their own quality Australian employees, or moving facilities offshore to slash costs the way to rectify the problem? This while simultaneously championing the'Australians' who in this latest marketing push are 'The Spirit' of the brand?

The transparency, and truthfully the smallness of the branding is the problem here, and plagiarising previous international airlines slogans, or following on the strategy of a successful soft drink is not going to turn the traveling public back toward the Flying Roo sadly.

What is called for here is aspiration, a focus upon the excitement that even jaded travellers still get when they hop aboard an international flight, a return to the adventure, the magic of air travel, and certainly a higher quality of execution in the content than that which is being PR championed here for any new rollout, as this version of the campaign looks as if their cost cutting has led to AFTRAS and UTS grads doing the production. Qantas used to be a brand of quality and prestige. No longer.

Small Country Syndrome said:

I love the way the campaign embraces all Australians ... so long as they live in Sydney. A tokenistic gesture at one shopping centre in Melbourne and nothing anywhere else reflects the way the airline serves this great land ... if you live in the capital of NSW.

Say one thing, do another said:

I think the public are sick of companies who say the opposite of what they are.

Woollies is for farmers and fresh? No it fucking isn't. No amount of advertising will change the fact they're pricks.

QANTAS only flies because of us? Maybe before, but not now. They fly for profit. Our national airline is about to go bust because of shit management. They stranded thousands of Australians around the world, and didn't bother to put them up anywhere. We don't forget these things.

I was stranded in heathrow because of that decision. And was there an Aussie on the desk to offer any help or assistance in London? No, just a condescending English twat. I'm Jo Public and I can vote with my feet as I have a choice now. QANTAS need to do a lot more than a shitty brand campaign to get me to fly with them again.

Pitch Doctor said:

If we ever needed proof that Australia has lost its mojo this is it.

But then in the days of real Mojo we wouldn't have a French agency, English and Irish clients and a team who have no understanding of their clients' consumers.

June Dooly said:

I thought he was better "suited" to the boardroom (according to his personal PR flak) which kinda explains why he's not really creative and really just a suit - so give him a break guys - he "borrows" and "absorbs" on an as-needs basis - and that seems to be all his career

Morty said:

Well said June, old girl. Without his help many peoples' ideas would never have seen the light of day.

43 Points said:

So what is this? Low quality crap work, embarrassing concept, and another possibly fatal nail in the once proud airline's coffin. What a crying shame. The people responsible for this should be shown the door immediately.

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