The Campaign Palace says goodbye after 40 years with a last hoorah 4pm tonite at the Tilbury

palace.jpgHere's to 40 years, to Trembath and Hunt, to Vaughan and Mather, to Whybin and Tomnay, to computer socks, to being caught with your pants down, to dancing butchers, to Mario's and to wheelbarrows full of awards. 

The Campaign Palace has never meant so much to so many. And it would be a shame not to share one last glass with the people who were The Palace.

Please join us in celebrating all the good times we had TONIGHT (Friday June 29) at the Tilbury, 12-18 Forbes Street, Woolloomooloo, from 4pm.

If you can't make it, you can share in the fun here.


rocky ranallo said:

i'm already here.

Regrets said:

Not the first time I wish I'd worked at the Palace... have fun everybody

Monty said:

Rock, you're the only one from our era. Not sure it's worth coming from Melb.

Mullett said:

Surely we could throw just one last fish at McCanns...

philip putnam said:

I'm out of town, Friday. Please have a few for me.

Ray Black said:

The palace was the diamond standard for creativity for so many years and sadly only memories and AWARD annuals are left.
I was just looking through an early AWARD annual and their work is still fresh and timeless.
Thanks Lionel and Gordon for leaving a wonderful legacy.

Richard Denham said:

Ron Mather set the benchmark for me.
His headlines always seemed so obvious
but at the same time so brilliant.

Pedantic said:

Richard, they were probably Jack or Lionel's headlines, but there's no question that Ron made them highly readable.

Someone positive said:

Never worked there... Can I come anyway?

Franklin Gothic said:

And I should know. I think I was the only typeface Ron ever used.


Insider said:

Wonder if Mark or Russel will be going?!

Lionel Breaks said:

See ya Pal Ace, I'll miss that new logo!

Sad Sack said:

No Lionel, no Gordon, no Jack, no Ron, no Rob, no Reg, etc etc etc......Tilbury is an incompetently run crap pub....wanted to get drunk but couldn't get a bloody drink...
More of a fizzle than a finale....kinda summed it up.

Very pedantic said:

Ron wrote as much as he art directed. {And they were set in Franklin Gothic bold condensed to be precise].

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