Tony Clewett's Cannes Diary: Day 3

Campaign Brief 488.pngTony Clewett, creative director at DraftFCB, Auckland is representing New Zealand on the Cannes Lions Radio jury. Clewett, along with most of the Australian and NZ jurors, is  of course reporting exclusively for CB. 

Cabbage. A really crap cabbage ad. This spot was one of the main points of discussion as our jury bantered away through to about 10pm last night trying to compile our final radio shortlist. 

Campaign Brief 490.pngAnd after about five re-votes, that damn cabbage wouldn't go away. And as was constantly stated by several jury members, our names will forever be associated with this body of work. The best from around the world in 2011. Which now means we are the cabbage jury. Nice.

Apart from the aforementioned smelly ad, things pretty much played out as expected. Sing-song ads mostly fizzled out. As did simultaneous left & right channel executions. As did simultaneous right & left channel executions. No ads played in esrever to sell reverse cameras. No hard core retail ads. Not even Harvey Norman style ones. Crikey. Very few mushy ones either. Which was a bit sad. 'Cause there was a couple of those I really liked. Maybe I'm just a new age sensitive guy. 

Campaign Brief 489.pngBut there are some great ones. Ones that aren't even really ads. Which is why they're so great. 

The 30 second spot is dead. Long love the 60, 90... two hour.... 

Was nice to see a couple of kiwi spots in there too flying our flag, but also I watched as a couple got culled. Ouch. So close yet so...  

Oh well, today is the big one. Fifteen CD's, ECD's, GDAQCD's all going head-to-head in a small confined space to hand out the Golds. And the Grand Prix. Bring it on doche bags.

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