Twinings launches campaign 'saving things for a rainy day' via McCann & Naked Communications

Campaign Brief 340.pngTwinings Australia's latest communication campaign via McCann challenges the notion of "saving things for a rainy day" by encouraging us all to enjoy the things we love the most, every day.
Enjoy every day with Twinings is a reminder to enjoy the good things in life, but it's not just about grand gestures or extravagance; it's about starting with the little things and then amplifying this into the rest of our lives. It is a message to encourage us to do something good for ourselves every day, rather than to hold the good stuff just for special occasions.

Whether it be wearing those to die for red heels usually hidden away in a box; using the good china; donning that gorgeous dress you've only worn once, filling a precious vase with beautiful fresh flowers from the garden and of course taking the time to enjoy the best tea there is, Twinings.  After all, when you stop to think about why we 'save the good things', it seems a little crazy not to use the things we love!

Says Gavin Vandeligt, marketing manager of Twinings Australia: "Twinings is the tea that can make every day special. Just like the many other little things in our lives that we love, Twinings doesn't need to be put away for special occasions." 
The heavily integrated $10m campaign will roll out across the next 18 months using a number of consumer touchpoints with a focus on really engaging and inspiring tea drinkers.  

Commencing with a series of new TVC's launched on June 3rd, the idea will be supported by a large scale social media activation featuring  online advertising, broadcast media and strong in-store presence to drive trial.   
This new communications idea and TVC was created by McCann and produced by Film Graphics Entertainment after the communications brief and strategy was developed with Naked Communications. 
Director: David Denneen 
Creative Directors: Kieran Flanagan/Dan Gregory
Client Services Director: Nicole Gardner
Producer: Anna Fawcett: Producer
Editor: Toby Denneen: 
Music re-record: Nylon Studios
Communications Strategy: Naked Communications Melbourne
Media: Vizeum
Digital: We Are Digital


It's good said:

Solid Dave. Good cut Tobe.

Bee said:

Really good idea. Solid insight.

Ad is a little sweeter than it needs to be, but I think it's good work.

Mick said:

This is a great strategy.

Sure, the execution won't excite the frustrated creatives on this blog.

But I think it speaks right to the heart of the target audience.
It comes across as a sincere, relevant insight. And I like it.

dull said:

Saw this on TV this morning. Dull as. Didn't excite me or my young pretty wife.

Matty said:

Nice strategy, little overboard on the saccharine.

2 degrees of Kevin Bacon said:
so close yet so far said:

Agree about the saccharine. That shot of one woman admiring the other in the dress makes me want to stab myself in the eye. Nice line and idea, terrible execution.

WascklyWabit said:

Rubbish compared to this

whereisthehook said:

wow that was a great pop song when it had a melody.... sounds super lame now!

driving me nuts said:

What was the name of that track?

Girl-power said:

..something by Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Boags said:

It was called "A thousand miles", why wouldn't you use the original with the melody and lyrics, it was great..seems a bit wallpaperish without it.

Paula said:

Can someone tell me where I can buy the red shoes?

DON said:

just wanted to know if the red shoes with a high heel and lovely bowl are still able to be brought and if so where . Thanks D O N

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