Whybin\TBWA Group Melbourne launches 'See Everything' campaign for the Nissan X-TRAIL

nissan.jpgNissan Australia and Whybin\TBWA Group Melbourne are set to launch a new campaign for the Nissan X-TRAIL entitled 'See Everything'  on June 3rd.
The campaign showcases the 'Around View Monitor', now available in Nissan X-TRAILs, which gives the driver a bird's eye view of their vehicle through four cameras positioned around the vehicle on a central screen in the dash.

Whybin\TBWA Group Melbourne was set the challenge to bring it to life in a human centric way so that the viewer could relate to how it would benefit them. The campaign itself puts a spotlight on the difficulties of getting in and out of tight spots using a guide. Directed by Tim Bullock of Prodigy films, the TVC spots are sure to remind you of those annoying instances where you've been misguided by ill-tempered family members, spatially unaware mates, vague girlfriends and more.  
Says Cameron Cooper, Nissan Australia's general manager - marketing communications: "We are extremely happy with the final result as it not only showcases a new piece of technology for the Nissan X-TRAIL but also provides a window into the future of how Nissan intends to position itself in the market from a tone, look and feel."
The two TVC's go to air this Sunday night (June 3) across free-to-air, pay and regional networks.
 Executive Creative Director - Paul Reardon
Copywriter - Jarrod Lowe
Art Director - Justin Genovese
Agency Producer - Janine Wertheim
Group Account Director - Mike Napolitano
Account Director - Matt Chiodo
Film Company - Prodigy
Film Director- Tim Bullock
Nissan Australia General Manager - Marketing Communications - Cameron Cooper
Nissan Australia Senior Model Line Manager SUV - Michael Hill
Nissan Australia Model Line Manager SUV - Warwick Daly
Nissan Australia Marketing Communications Specialist - Nancy Spadea


yawn. said:


Yep said:

I like these.... Funny and relatable.

Beckett said:

Repeatedly calling him Brendan in spot 2 = lame
No one talks like this. Automatically makes it "an ad'.

Johnny Johnson said:

@ (Brendan?) Beckett - repeatedly? You mean twice. Brendan.

JD said:

Can totally relate to this haha

Hemingway said:

@12:20 ... why did you think it was short film?

wazza said:

Pretty funny, nice thoughts.

hmmm said:

funny. me likey. nice

TOIA said:

Great stuff guys..

Tim, You did good mate :) Love the camping dad.. Awesome talent.

Hohum said:

Bit predictable

seriously said:

when did advertising stop becoming entertaining and just a shit demonstation of real life?

Another opinion said:

Funny. Great casting. Good work from Bullock and Whybins. Nice to see.

Andrew said:

lovely.. really like this.

great talent. to the point.

well done all!

yeah, but... said:

Nicely shot, but its not exactly a brilliant bit of strategy, is it? Don't all cars/SUVs have parking sensors and reverse cameras and shit?

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