After less than a year Aussie expat James Procter set to depart the ECD role at Ogilvy Singapore

james procter 2.jpgCampaign Brief Asia can reveal that Aussie expat James Procter is to leave his ECD post at Ogilvy & Mather Singapore.

Procter has been in the role for less than 12 months, having joined the agency soon after leaving Y&R Singapore in June last year. His departure was confirmed by Ogilvy regional creative chairman Eugene Cheong. There are no plans to replace Procter according to Cheong.

Procter moved to Singapore in December 2009 after he transferred from the ECD role at George Patterson Y&R Sydney. Ogilvy & Mather Singapore managing director Dan Gibson is also confirmed to be leaving.


Really, again? said:

Seems to have cranked through these posts at a pretty regular rate over recent times (year or less at a time).

Wonder why?

Surprise! said:

Ogilvy Singapore is no bed of roses. if you do not feed Khai's insatiable hunger for shiny things, you are gone. Sometimes you are gone even if you are winning him metal.

eugene mayo said:


Do not come to Asia thinking you are going to change things.

It will have quite the opposite effect.

Judge judy said:

@eugenemayo you sound like a racist

hmmm said:

yeah, the dude does get around, doesn't he!??!

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