Bestads Top 6 of the Week reviewed by Joakim Borgstrom, Goodby Silverstein, San Francisco

Tough category. Two ads stands out for me.
First. Heineken, the switch. It's not easy for the agency to create another great spot after W+K's successes with "The Entrance" and "The Date". TBWA/Neboko has done a great job capturing how the brand can open your world. Especially when you discover new details every time you watch it. Second. I love the humor and simplicity of H&R Block. They turn tax returns that are seen as complicated and boring into something easy and fun.

Probably the weakest category this week. Seems a little weird that none of the ads have any body copy and that the logos are tiny and placed in one of the corners. Is this festival oriented work?
The most fun example is the McDonald's: Skipping Rope. Everybody loves milkshake, right?

Great Burger King Bags outdoor ad. I can see it working really well at the Central Station in Stockholm.
The take away is simple and eye-catching.

The winner for me is Volkswagen: Bug Run. I like the realness of the whole initiative. Real bets through using real bugs racing each other for real. A cool and bold initiative by VW. I can't imagine how they trained the bugs. I'm surprised that the website only has a couple of thousand views, from looking at the "The Chronicle" YouTube intro.

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