BMF hosts week-long 'As You Dreamt It' photography exhibition in Sydney

Unicorn.jpgBMF has collaborated with some of the Australia's finest photographers to recreate and capture people's recurring dreams in a project called As You Dreamt It.
To launch the project, BMF is hosting a week-long exhibition in Sydney featuring 24 dreams captured by leading photographers.
As You Dreamt It has engaged a dream doctor, Martina Kocian, to lend her expertise to the dreams and provide analysis and resolution to the dreamers.
Lettuce_Hands.jpgThe photographers and dreamers went to great lengths to recreate the dreams including returning to their old school, re-connecting with long lost friends, tackling their fears and even facilitating a family reunion to reenact a dream.
BMF has created a substantial online content component featuring behind the scenes content from the photo shoots, and insights from the Nazi.jpgdreamers, the photographers and the As You Dreamt It dream doctor.
The photographic and video content is available via a dedicated website which launches Friday 20th July (today), it is also available on mobile and tablet devices. The As You Dreamt It experience is also supported by social media activity across Falling.jpgFacebook, Twitter and Vimeo.
This is the first stage of an ongoing initiative, during the exhibition and onwards the creative community and the general public will be invited to get involved with the project by submitting their dreams or signing up to recreate a dream.
Says Shane Bradnick, executive creative director of BMF: "We really appreciate the generosity of the all photographers involved. Dreams provide us with such rich inspiration for creativity, we hope that As You Dreamt It can be ongoing project with which we can continue to engage and support the creative community."
For one week only the public are invited to this free magical experience to peer into the sleeping minds of others. View the exhibition and sit down with our dream doctor to get an insight into your conscious mind.
Where: 31 Meagher St, Chippendale, Sydney, NSW
Date: 21 - 28 July 2012

Opening Hours:
Saturday 21st July 2 pm - 8pm
Monday 23 July - Friday 27 July 4 - 8pm
Saturday 28th July 2 pm - 8pm
Tickets: FREE 


Tim W said:

I'll disclose my personal interest up front as being an ex-BMFer, but what a cool idea this is.

love it said:

love it.

Richard Denham said:

Awesome images!

Jon said:

Nice one hartman and friends

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Don't hashtag things outside of Twitter. It makes you look like a 14 year old girl.

Teena said:

Hartmann thanks for bringing the best out in us. U r our Dali Dave.

Tim W said:

I'll disclose my personal interest up front as being an ex-BMFer, but what a cool idea this is.

Sy said:

Brilliant stuff

Impressed said:

Jealous BMF. This is awesome. Well done.

Gone said:

Beautifully put together exhibition. Nice one.

makes sense said:

ahh, so this is where all their creativity is going

J said:

Well done BMF. It was the best thing I've seen in ages.

Dream Dr said:

Cecked this out on Saturday.

Got some awesomely weird stuff happening there.

Nice said:

Love this

Wi said:

Great idea, nicely done. Impressive site.

Jealous said:

This is awesome.

Seen said:

Checked it out and thought it was brilliant. Well done BMF. Best exhibition I've been to in a long while.

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