BPAY launches BPAY Bingo campaign via BMF

bpay.jpgBPAY has launched a new BPAY Bingo advertising campaign through creative agency BMF to highlight the simplicity and convenience of Australia's most popular electronics payments system.
The print, radio, outdoor and online advertising campaign demonstrates how BPAY is the perfect way for people to make payments, particularly when using mobile banking applications.

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BPAY Bingo.jpgUsing the tagline "Bills are more fun with BPAY Bingo", the campaign includes a game, which is similar to bingo, that gives consumers a chance to win a variety of prizes each time they use BPAY. The game can be played on tablets, PCs, or mobile phones.
Andrew Arnott, BPAY's chief executive, said the campaign reflects BPAY's leadership and the continued growth in the online payments sector, with more than 26 million payments a month now being processed.
Says Arnott: "The campaign is a cheeky way to show consumers how BPAY is now even more flexible and convenient and with mobile payments now an option, bill payments can be made anywhere, any time."
Says Carlos Alija and Laura Sampedro, BMF's joint executive creative directors: "This idea aims to influenceand eventually change consumers' behaviour. We hope to inject some fun into the category in a way only BPAY could."
Agency: BMF
Client: BPAY
Media: IKON


Interesting said:

Great idea. Not so great ads to promote it.

Noodle said:

Wow great idea! Love it!

pseudonym said:

Great idea. Great insight.

Terri-bill said:

That is some of the worst art direction and craft I have seen for some time. Well done.

meh said:

Done way better by VW, the speed camera lottery etc

Ouch said:

That's some nasty, nasty art direction

Pudding said:

Nice idea.

Bewildered said:

If BMF is PR'ing this, I have to wonder what the hell is going there.

Anne said:

Bills and bingo. Cool.

missed it said:

I've seen these ads everywhere and only now did I notice they were for the BPAY Bingo promo, not just BPAY. I think I was too distracted by the bad art direction.

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