Brisbane's Taxi Films responds to graffiti attack and throws down its own graffiti challange

taxi tagged.jpgWhen Brisbane's Taxi Films found their Montague Road office in West End vandalized on Friday morning (6 July) with a large unsightly graffiti tag, their first response was anger and frustration.

However, instead of just painting over the graffiti the Brisbane business saw the blank wall as the street art canvas it is and decided to throw down their own graffiti challenge. A call out to artists to create whatever they want on front of their building.

The Taxi staff got out their own cans of spray paint and painted a call out to any graffiti artist, collective, visual artist or creative person who thought that they could do a better job of it to contact them and create a work of art on the front of their building.

Says Taxi's Anthony McCormack: "It's really frustrating to get vandalized, however it wasn't long before we thought 'At least they could have done something good.

"The front of the building is a great big blank canvas. We're all for creative expression, but don't think tagging demonstrates any creativity. We were tagged with a big piece of graffiti, so why not respond with graffiti to get the message out."

Taxi Film Production are asking for anyone with an idea for a piece of art for their large two storey roller door to contact them. They will then select an artist from those who get in contact with them and work with them to create a piece of art for the front of their building.

Says McCormack: "We're open to working with anyone with a great idea. They don't have to be a graffiti artist or street artist. We're open to almost anything."


Mark said:

Great idea, I think the standard of graffiti could be far higher,

And to help raise standards, tell them if they don't do a good job

you'll call the cops and have them arrested.

Joe M said:

Great idea Andy.

Haha! said:

Thanks for ruining my keyboard with coffee, Mark. Great comment!

Bevo said:

Onya Jelly & Crew.....positive thinkin

George said:

I thought the graffiti improved an unsightly wall. And "AMOK 4u2c" is sus - too clever for the average G.

Anonymous said:

mark you're an idiot, once commissioned for a job you cannot be arrested. any one with any form of talent would not paint a mural job if told the police would be called if it wasn't "good enough" you are a complete fool. People that think like you are the reason why QLD is a shithole.

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