Diageo recreates 'The legend of Bulleit Bourbon' with cinema + digital campaign via Leo Burnett

Screen shot 2012-07-18 at 7.24.21 PM.jpgNobody knows the true story of what happened to Augustus Bulleit, or his famous small batch whiskey recipe. But when legends die, spirits remain.

The Bulleit Bourbon 'It's a Long Story' 90-second cinema commercial via Leo Burnett Sydney can be seen nationally during the screening of 'The Dark Knight Rises' from tomorrow July 19, and online.

Screen shot 2012-07-19 at 1.57.23 AM.jpgBringing the story of Bulleit Bourbon to life was one of the more ambitious projects Resolution Design has undertaken to date. The 90-second cinema spot showcases Resolution's diverse creative and technical skills in a highly stylised noir-like western.

"The team at Resolution have been the perfect creative partner for us on the Bulleit project. From the very start they just 'got it'. Their treatment was inspired and put all parties involved in exactly the right head-space to proceed with confidence." says Sharon Edmondston, Leo Burnett Sydney senior art director, group head promotions.

Director Tim Dyroff led the production, which tells the story of legendary character, 'Augustus Bulleit' as he rides through the Western frontier, determined to protect his secret whisky recipe from a thieving gang of outlaws.

The Resolution team worked tirelessly for a solid two months using a mix of live-action shoot, photography, 2D & 3D animation, character design and multi-multi-layered composites...

"One of the underlying reasons we ended up with such an amazing spot, was we had such a confident and creative client to work with." says Kent Boswell, executive producer, Resolution. "This coupled with a passionate advertising agency like Leo Burnett meant we had all the ingredients to do some ground breaking work."

Screen shot 2012-07-19 at 1.52.56 AM.jpg"Believe the hype. Resolution takes it to the next level every time. Bouncing ideas around with Tim Dyroff and his team is what it's all about. There's always a lot of love in the room - and Whiskey sours," says Misha McDonald, Leo Burnett Sydney senior copywriter, group head promotions.

See the full experience at http://www.itsalongstory.com.au.

Client: Diageo
Agency: Leo Burnett, Sydney
Executive Creative Director: Andy DiLallo
Senior Copywriter: Misha McDonald
Senior Art Director: Sharon Edmondston
Agency Producer: Rita Gagliardi
Director: Tim Dyroff
Executive Producer: Kent Boswell
Production/Post Company: Resolution
Composer: Haydn Walker
Sound Design: Abigail Sie/Simon Kane
Audio: Song Zu


Rich said:

Love the web film, beautifully done.

COAM said:

Wow, great piece of work Tim

Would be amazing as a 3D Cinema buy.

Ghey said:

Aye, I'm not American so this has zero appeal. Wankfest for mine.

Huffy said:

Some good animation in there. The VO could have been more natural, but the writing was tops.

Good work Leos. More of this and less of 'Down Down Prices Are Down' in Australia.

j said:


meh said:

Wanted to like it but the pacing was off and the V/O forced in parts, so the story got lost in translation. 6/10

len said:

some nice images mixed in with a load of gobbledygook.

TOIA said:

Great work... Love every bit of it.
Time to give you guys some work I think :)

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