Fear no Susan Glenn

Screen shot 2012-07-18 at 9.38.45 AM.jpgThe latest BBH New York spot for Axe features Keifer Sutherland reminiscing about his schooldays' crush Susan Glenn. Says Kieffer in the spot: "If I could do it again, I'd do it differently".

The spot is top choice of the Top 6 on Bestads this week and a sure-fire award winner this year and next year.



Nice said:

A nice change for a product that traditionally tries to make you laugh. Well done

Magneto said:

Now that's what I call advertising. Beautifully crafted and shot with the right balance of humour and style. 9/10

Envious said:

I wish I'd done this.

Loved 99% of it said:

I waited for the end laugh & it never came - totally loved it until the moment that it went from an AXE ad to a DOVE ad.

Dreaming said:

It's not that great... Nah, not even kidding myself there.

This is beautifully written, wonderfully acted and directed, and a lovely piece of thinking.

Who would have ever thought Axe could be so intelligent and subtle, while still staying on brand? Terrific.

1234 said:

99% if you think that all ads have to have a gag at the end to be good, then you have a lot to learn.

good job, jobby job job, good good job said:

This really captures your attention. It feels like a trailer for a Gus Van Sant film, without the high school massacre. It's truthful, insightful, respectful, and beautifully crafted. Well done to you all, especially the client for treating "consumers" as humans.

Circling sharks said:

Excellent, excellent, excellent. Guessing this one really isn't aimed at the teenage demographic, the psychology of it registers older, even though pretends to be about doing it all over again. This really is very clever strategy, and top notch execution. Hats off.

Taste is wonderful said:

99%, I think you are in the 99% of creatives.

This is excellent.

Big idea don't need big boobs said:

Casting agent: Axe commercial? We'll send over the usual videos of busty bimbos in high heels...what? You want only small cup sized, intelligent looking girls who look good with minimal make-up? You sure it's for AXE?

Jealous said:


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