Hungry Jack's launches new 'Eat Righteous' TV commercial via Clemenger BBDO Sydney

eat.jpgClemenger BBDO Sydney has launched a new 30-second TVC to promote Hungry Jack's flagship burger, the Whopper, with the tagline, 'People, forget bland, you need to Eat Righteous'.

Directed by Trent O'Donnell of the Jungle Boys, it follows on from a spot released early July to promote the Angry Whopper.

righteous.jpgBoth the Whopper and the Angry Whopper will also be promoted via point-of-sale, digital banners, Facebook and radio spots.

The Angry Whopper is making a return after proving to be a popular choice with customers in the past.

Says Justin Cox, group account director, Clemenger BBDO Sydney: "The two spots signal a new creative direction for the Hungry Jack's brand, which will focus on the flavour supremacy of its burger range. Eat Righteous is a rally cry for consumers to stop putting up with the bland and boring, and indulge in more epic, flavoursome food."
Clemenger BBDO Sydney
Executive creative director: Paul Nagy
Senior art director: Baz Baker
Senior copywriter: Chris Pearce              
Art director: Ben Alden                  
Copywriter: Michael Dawson        
Group account director: Justin Cox
Senior account director: Charleen Ong            
Senior account manager: Claire Tritton              
Account executive: George Downing        
Strategy planner: Graham Alvarez
TV producer: Jonathan Gerard
Editor: Lucas Vazquez
Production company: Jungle Boys
Director: Trent O'Donnell
Producer: Chloe Rickard
Post production: Emerald City
Audio: Pitchfork

Hungry Jack's
National marketing director: Jim Wilson
National marketing manager: Paul Tredinnick


Jill said:

Oh no... there is another one!!! Almost not as bad as the first one! Could see how it could have been good. But..... mmm Big Mac anyone??

Smithy said:

Nice one West Ham Ben and Trent!

Rich said:

Seems like they're firing all the wrong people at Clem's. Time for a new flock of CD's.

harry w said:

make it all stop.

Could of bin said:

Let down by poor direction/editing.

I'm Loving It. said:

Heaps better than the rubbish Maccas is doing at the moment.

no name said:

a lot of hate on here. i actually like these ads, and had absolutely nothing to do with them.

Ugly Dave Gray said:

None of it makes any sense (Righteous???), but none of that would matter if it took you somewhere.
It doesn't even take you to Weirdsville.

Not a single laugh in any of it despite the zany attempts to do so.

And we all know this stuff is hard to do, and the counter argument is it is better than Macca's stuff (which isn't justification, or much of a benchmark), but they deserve to be bagged because it's just rubbish with a burger strategically placed here and there.

And if you are going for funny, be funny.
If you can't do it (most can't), do something else.

DD said:

So explosions are funny?

Seems to be the case in both ads.

Fingerprints said:

'Eat righteous' feels really tacked on without fitting in. Can only guess a committee got involved somewhere.

Lee Ly Leigh Li Lea said:

Nandos "Eat Interesting", Hungry Jack's "Eat Righteous". Is it any wonder an entire generation cannot speak, let alone type the English language? Why can't we speak normal?

Lee Ly Leigh Li Lea said:

Nandos "Eat Interesting", Hungry Jack's "Eat Righteous". Is it any wonder an entire generation cannot speak, let alone type the English language? Why can't we speak normal?

BS said:

Anyone blaming direction or editing for this has no idea what they are talking about.

Just imagine these ideas on paper as scripts.

Fate was sealed there (and probably praying that someone with talent might save them).

About the only hope they would have had would have been to get a presenter with recognised/known comic credentials/value. Might have at least been prepared to laugh then.

Looks like there was a budget of some sort to make them(at least not an absolute shoe string), nope they are just crap ideas.

Smells... said: another ad inspired by Old Spice.

Is it funny? said:

There's a lot of stuff coming out of Clems Sydney recently that doesn't quite hit funny for me. V rentals is another one... I don't know if they're taking the piss out of themselves by doing really, really lame scripts or if they're just really really lame scripts.

Someone who does get the balance right is Clems Melbourne, but every comedy spot they do is a pastiche.

Lemon Water said:

Another hilarious installment! I think this is really funny, and definitely different to what other QSR's are doing, and the sense of humour appeals perfectly to the target market. I hope all involved went for a nice lunch, perhaps at Kingsley's.

Jill Pill said:

Why is everyone copying the over-the-top comedy style of Old Spice? I guess cause it worked for Old Spice they think it'll work for them.

BK said:

I think the ads were better, when the burgers were better.

Cortez said:

Who's the guy in the ad? I remember him from that sketch show Full Frontal in the late 90s - he used to play the guy who said "want a chip?"

Pachycephaloid said:

C'mon people, you are trashing my favourite ads ! Heck, I even purposely watch them of my own volition for a laugh. They're fully demented and the humour certainly resonates with me. My personal purchases of angry whoppers have gone up by infinity% as I'd never tried one before.
Forget bland ads people !

Yip said:

Have just seen the latest Hungry Jacks add today with the knight riding the Shetland pony. I have 2 miniature Shetland ponies and the Shetland in the add cannot get into a gallop because the knight is just to heavy for him. The knight tries to push him into a gallop and the poor little thing can only walk fast. Do people at Clemenger really think it is OK to be cruel to animals to sell burgers?

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