J&J launches controversial 'Vagina' spot for Carefree Acti-Fresh liners via 303Lowe, Sydney

Screen shot 2012-07-17 at 12.43.56 PM.jpgJohnson & Johnson has launched what is potentially a controversial spot for its Carefree Acti-Fresh liners, with the female talent in the TVC saying the word vagina.

The spot, which is running in Australia and NZ, was created by 303Lowe, Sydney.




Why did my computer just say 'discharge'?

Worst ad of the year. said:

I think the word 'Vagina' is the least offensive part of this horrid ad ?
I think the use of the word 'discharge' has to of topped that.

And why is she Naked!?
Is this meant to help me relate to her? Feel more comfortable?
Put some bloody clothes on and you disgusting hippie! And then we'll talk.

Really? said:

I think the words 'discharge' and 'vagina' are infinitely more preferable to my ears than the offence this shitty, no-idea ad causes to my eyes.

More quality work 'discharged' out of Lowe303.

Bemused said:

What a crap ad. You can hear the CD saying, 'look we don't have an idea, so let's make her naked and throw in the V word to ensure cut through' Lazy thinking .

Time to move on said:

"...with the female talent in the TVC saying the word vagina."

I wouldn't have thought this was a big breakthrough given some of the more colourful language I've heard on free-to-air TV shows like Underbelly in which the more vernacular version of 'vagina' was bandied about without any public outrage.

I've also seen the word 'c**t' in sub-titles many times while watching movies on SBS. I guess for a straighty-180 company like J&J this is the closest they'll get to all-out blasphemy.

Having said that, it is a very straight and unfortunately boring ad.

I want to die. said:

I can't wait to see Carefree's new Arse-Sweat Liners for men.

nic said:


No said:

No 303Lowe. No no no. Stop it. No.

Awk said:


Awful said:

Vaginal discharge. Yup, that about sums it up.

Banksy said:

Did she say it "removes wetness"????
Isn't this the ultimate goal for a woman?

What is this world coming to... said:

Would you prefer it if she called it a cock-sock?

Get over yourselves.

Meat Loaf said:

"...took the word right out of my mouth"

Time and place said:

Does it have be on during Masterchef? I mean there you are salivating over a creme brulee, they cut to the flaming MasterChef logo of suspense and next thing you know she's on being all frank and earnest chatting about her bodily functions.
It's the advertising equivalent of your neighbour cornering you at the BBQ with details of his bleeding bottom. It's just not nice.

Please try again said:

I think everyone agrees that the "potential controversy" comes from it being a shit piece of communication pretending to push the boundaries of acceptability in the feminine hygiene category. You could call it "cunt-puss" and make a logo out of it for all I care, but in this format it's still going to be a very crap ad. I feel genuinely sorry for the poor bastards who had to make it.

Bum said:

I just said a naught word.

Twat said:

If you can get her to say cunt in the next ad, I'll be impressed.

Dentist said:

Do you think the actress will be "tight" cast from now on?

The creatives should've taken the old Oral B voice over approach:
"This woman's got "discharge" so we can't show you her face on television".

Nice pictures though.

Octopussy said:

I'd prefer 'when your flange flanges, we got the perfect solution for beef curtain leakage.'

But I guess it's a matter of taste.

wow said:

this ad was worth watching just to read these comments - very funny stuff!!!

the world does not need to know about us girl having discharge if i was a 10 year old girl i would be freaking out!!

A woman said:

it's 2012.

hmmm said:

i used to love vaginas

101Lowe said:

A vagina that smells like a badger. A Badgina. There's your creative concept. Could go a hundred ways from there.

Hi said:

Look it's not a great ad however it plays a straight bat, which is why it will have cut through. At least they've talked about what it is and as a result there will be a lot of discussions/free media for the brand.

@ A Woman said:

Thanks for providing the date.
Next time you want to speak for my gender; make the comment an intelligent one? Based on more than just the date?

The commercial is visual and oral pollution.
Give me the Beaver any day.
I love that little guy!!

illbatik said:

A missed opportunity to have a faux television segment where Hotdogs from Big Brother season 5 showed a studio audience how to keep their boxes clean.

A Man said:

Can you imagine a mother and son coming by this ad whilst enjoying some Sunday night T.V.? A naked women appears & starts talking about pads, specifically stating the words, Vagina, wetness, odor & discharge. ahh...Awkward!!.

Controversial ads should be approved by a public, independent board before going to air. If this were the case, there would be a lot more happier mother & sons, as well as fathers & daughters out there!

Jen said:

...why did she have to be naked?

I said:

If you actually listen to the ad, I believe the nudity refers to being comfortable with your own body, the only reason people are finding this offensive is because it's been the social norm for so long to discuss natural bodily functions using innuendo. If more companies did this kids would be better informed and future use of the correct terminology would be a non-event, as it should be.

Horny 20s said:

Even though this chick is talking about women's personals, WHY do I still find her attractive?

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