KFC makes Kentucky NSW famous with 'Sweet Sesame Crunch' launch event and TVC via Ogilvy

KFC.jpgKFC is making Kentucky, NSW locals famous by hosting an exclusive launch event for its latest chicken creation, Sweet Sesame Crunch, at the small town.

The creative strategy for this launch was led by Ogilvy, with media and public relations support from MediaCom and Edelman respectively.

Screen shot 2012-07-02 at 4.06.53 PM.jpgThe launch event was filmed for KFC's new national television commercial and shows Kentucky locals' providing first-hand feedback on Sweet Sesame Crunch - crispy chicken basted with sweet Asian style glaze and sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds.

Located half-way between Tamworth and Armidale, Kentucky is home to 311 residents who were recently provided with an exclusive opportunity to taste KFC's Sweet Sesame Crunch chicken before it was released to the wider Australian public.

Nikki Lawson, chief marketing officer, KFC SOPAC thanked Kentucky residents for their great hospitality while they were visiting their town.

Screen shot 2012-07-02 at 4.07.00 PM.jpgSays Lawson: "KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders started out by offering his delicious chicken to local Corbin Kentucky US residents and passers-by back in 1929. We were really excited to reinvigorate this heritage offering and provide Kentucky, NSW residents with an exclusive opportunity to try our latest chicken creation.

"We had a great turn-out for the commercial and the feedback on our new Sweet Sesame Crunch chicken was outstanding. We can't wait to share this new recipe with all Australians."

Soon, Australians will get to see this small town of Kentucky and meet the residents in KFC's new national television commercial for the launch of Sweet Sesame Crunch chicken tomorow - Tuesday, 3 July.


andhereitcomes said:

I await the negetive onslaught.

Optimistic said:

Can't wait to see how it turned out.

um said:

Bit 'speed kills' innit?

um's mate said:

Bit 'sandwich' innit?

um's brother from another mother said:

Bit 'NiB Young' innit.

um's boss said:

Bit 'shit' innit?

Idea said:

Change the name of the town to Kentucky Kills and remove all the KFC outlets. Save Lives!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bega said:

We did it first.

sigh said:

Bit fucking awful basically.

Sandwich won a Grand Prix.

Try nicking something less famous yeah?

Optimistic said:


Ouch.... said:


Even very similar shots to Speed Kills...

Underwhelmed said:

Bit like something that Uncle Tobys binned last year innit?

a said:

About time fast food took some responsibility & changed wholly, soully & permanently 2 free range/organic innit?

Vaz said:

Why did they stop the sweet sesame crunch?? it was freakin awesome!
.. It was the only reason I've started to buy from KFC again and now they have nothing else on the menu that I would consider buying..

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