Kmart launches next instalment 'Price Sculptures' in the Kmart OK! campaign via BWM Melbourne

Kmart Price Sculptures.jpgIn the next instalment of the Kmart OK! brand campaign, Belgiovane Williams Mackay reveals its latest category defining work for the national retailer - Price Sculptures.

BWM collaborated with Melbourne-based artists tin&ed to create individual price sculptures dramatising Kmart product categories, and their every day low price points. Each of the Price Sculptures has been created and developed with real products, and was shot in-store over three days and nights.

Says Carl Ratcliff, managing director BWM Melbourne: "The new work supports Kmart's Every Day Low Price positioning but also brings these incredible Price Sculptures to life, showcasing the surprising range of choice behind their low prices.

Says Nicole Miranda, general manager BWM Melbourne: "Both business success and consumer response following Ok! has been fantastic. Kmart is now leading the pack, and our next exciting instalment proves the team's ongoing commitment to category leadership communication."

Says Dion Workman, Kmart general manager marketing: "We've really enjoyed our journey together. BWM continue to demonstrate their capacity to genuinely excite mums in a category defined by dull, and uninspiring retail advertising."

The Kmart multi media "Price Sculptures" campaign launches nationally on July 22.

Brand Council
Managing Director - Carl Ratcliff
Executive Planning - Jamie Mackay
General Manager - Nicole Miranda
General Manager Marketing - Dion Workman
National Marketing Communications Manager - Natalie Warren-Smith

Creative Director BWM - Shaun Branagan
Creative Director Kmart - Billie Georgieff
Creative Group Head - Amy Hollier
Senior Art Director - Lauren Doolan

Head of Onscreen and Experience - Abby Hunt
Senior Onscreen Producer - Jessica Nornton
Onscreen Production Assistant - Sally Cunningham
BWM Account Managers - Ben Hyland and Sarah Luck
Exit Films
Director - Ben Saunders
Producer - Toby Webster
Art Director - Lance Davis
Artists - tin&ed


Arnold said:

That acting is fucking awful.

p said:

That's what happens when you ask people to look amazed and orgasmic in a KMart.

observer said:

Yes, the performances are bad but the art direction idea is way better than anything Target are currently producing. One of the reasons why the Target brand was loved so much, for so long. The Target brand is now dead in the water due to its advertising this year. and cringe worthy. Cheap should and doesn't necessarily mean bad.
If BWM are smart they can easily steal that retail positioning in the market and become Australia's most loved retail brand. The opening is there.

Attention shoppers said:

I reckon we need to applaud retail advertising when it does something fresh and original. I also like the new Wollies stuff. It's a tough assignment to get something like this through in the retail sector. So hats off. The rest of you can sit there and watch Down down Down Down Down Down for the rest of your lives.

Gag reflexes said:

Agree with everyone above. This could have been brilliant, let down by some dreadful performances from 'mum' and some terrible music.

Jack Russell said:

It lacks writing.

Kay Mart said:

It's a very nice idea in essence, but a lot of things (performance, music, direction etc) seem to get in the way of enjoying it for what it is.

The purity of the idea seems to just miss a bit, but nonetheless the approach should be applauded.

Maybe a simpler de-cluttered 15 sec execution or two might do the trick.

must have boring lives said:

if that what it takes to excite a housewife, what sad little lives reflected in a sad little ad

Clean up on aisle three said:

Really good for retail. I think the design and art direction is a great leap for Kmart. The reactions are the campaign. Not surprised they stuck with them.

DF said:

MY GOD - those reactions were sickening....!!!

What was the director thinking????

agree said:

Apart from the acting, I think this is really good.

Jamie said:

If you're going to centre this thing on reactions, it would help to have decent performances.

It would also help if the art price sculptures actually looked amazing.

I like the idea of a perspective shift (shift in perception?) revealing the prices, just not loving the execution.

Reality check said:

Why wouldn't they have shot this with hidden cameras, like the real mums launch spots?

Price Check said:

Best Kmart spot to date. Hands down (that's not a coles joke either)

My name is... said:

Give me this over Big W, Target, Harvey Norman, Rebel Sport, Harris Scarf and Best & Less any day. You done something punters will admire. Nice work.

1234 said:

It's ok - all the mums in this ad are actually supposed to be off their chops on LSD. Apparently it makes pushing a trolley around Kmart in shit clothes absolutely freaking amazing.

ANDY said:

There's an idea in there.
Just needs better writing and production

shopbot said:

Great retail. Big prices. Lots of product. And still looks interesting.

OK but... said:

The reveal of the messages (ie the prices in-store) was executed a bit better here:
No comment on the acting.

How offensive to women said:

I hate these advertisements. I hate the fact that these ads show women as so bored that a discounted shirt will fill their lives with joy. Where are the men? Why aren't they wandering around enthralled by discounted home wares. This just makes me depressed. It's like watching advertisement after advertisement of women excited by the performance of their cleaning products. Its not at all a realistic, it's just stereotypical and the producers should be ashamed of themselves for furthering these ridiculous and unrealistic ideals.

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