Marketers invited to take action against bullying at brekky event in Sydney Thurs 26 July via youth marketing agency Playground Communications

INVITE Elephant In The Room-1.jpgMarketing leaders are invited to stand up and take part in the solution to bullying through the first in a series of free informative breakfast events, to be held in Sydney on Thursday 26 July.
Youth marketing agency Playground Communications and the cause and community team at Sunday Lunch, have joined forces to establish "The Elephant in the Room" - a series of events designed to raise marketers' awareness of the key issues affecting today's kids, while helping brands contribute positively to social change.
Says Giorgia Castello from Playground Communications: "I believe so many of us in the marketing community are looking for ways to help address the tricky issues affecting our kids, but they're not sure where to start, what's appropriate, or how to get their businesses aligned to the cause. We're here to help, starting with the issue of bullying."
For more information contact Giorgia here via email


Banksy said:

Great idea and hopefully something everyone will get behind. Good luck with it all!

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